Lance Armstrong on the Big Island Now… Say Twit

Tour De France Champion and cycling great Lance Armstrong is enjoying the Big Island now.

armstrongI’m  putting his twit feed on the bottom left of my blog  following the Advertiser  putting content directly from his twit as breaking news on their site.  :roll:

I’ll take his twit feed down as soon as he leaves the Big Island.  I might start doing this with other celebrities that visit the Big Island. :roll:

Funny how the newspapers are relying upon Twitter for “Breaking News”.

*Update See Below* Today’s KO: Mauna Kea Sledder Hits Rocks

Just noticed this harsh clip that was posted earlier.

Snow on top of Mauna Kea is great… but you have to watch out for those random rocks!



Andrew Cooper knows where this location is.

He recently blogged:

…I recognize the spot where this sledder is coming down, the side of Pu’u Hau Kea. Considering you have to hike up the side of the slope (no road) at over 13,000ft altitude, that is a lot of effort for a very bumpy ride! The slope is very steep, which explains the sledder’s speed and the result.

Probably a safer ride today, enough snow to bury those particular rocks.

“Island Notes” in 2009

I’m adding a new blog to my ‘roll.

Island Notes is a fairly new blog.  He likes to talk a bit of smack every now and then, but he’s a good writer, although we don’t often see eye to eye on issues.

If you can handle an effing swear word or two or three, check out Island Notes, another blog from the East Side of Hawaii.

(P.S. you know where you can send the Damon Dollar too.)  :lol:

Poinography on Yoshimoto’s Road Rage Ordinance… Charley Foster with Answer

If you haven’t already read the article about Yoshimoto’s proposed ordinance on road rage, you can read that here.

A tougher law to deal with Big Island road rage incidents may be considered by the Hawaii County Council early next year…

But I really recommend that you read the blog at Poinography as he asks the question:

Can Hawaii County create a felony by ordinance?

Well if you read attorney Charley Foster’s comment below the thread… you get your answer:

It looks like counties are not authorized to assess felony penalties for violations of their ordinances.

Under HRS §46-1.5 General powers and limitation of the counties –
(13) Each county shall have the power to enact ordinances deemed necessary to protect health, life, and property, and to preserve the order and security of the county and its inhabitants on any subject or matter not inconsistent with, or tending to defeat, the intent of any state statute where the statute does not disclose an express or implied intent that the statute shall be exclusive or uniform throughout the State;

(14) Each county shall have the power to:
(D) Fix a penalty for the violation of any ordinance, which penalty may be a misdemeanor, petty misdemeanor, or violation as defined by general law.

(Note: A “violation” does not constitute a crime and conviction of a violation authorizes no other sentence than a fine, or fine and forfeiture or other civil penalty. §701-107 Grades and classes of offenses).

Hilo, Waimea and Kealakehe HI5 Centers Closed Due to Weather… Pahoa’s One Closed Due to ?

I just received the following Media Release:

The ARC of Hilo Waimea and Kealakehe HI5 Redemption Centers are closed today, Wednesday, December 31, 2008 due to heavy rains and a landslide on the highway from Hilo.  These locations will reopen on Friday January 2, 2009 at 8 am.  Atlas Recycling in Kona is open today until noon.  Please call the County Recycling Office at 961-8527 with any questions.  Mahalo.

Of course our own Pahoa HI5 Redemption center is always closed on weekdays.  I have no idea why, but it does suck to have to wait in a line on the weekends to redeem a couple bucks worth of cans just for the environment.  What do people do who work on the weekends?

The Pahoa redemption center really needs to be open more days of the week!

No Rain... No Landslides.... NO OPEN!

No Rain... No Landslides.... NO OPEN!

Another H-130 Two Car Accident

Working on the KPAG H-130 Advisory group, I have become more aware of the traffic problems that we have with H-130. I previously posted that there were 283 accidents in a two year period along H-130 that caused more then $3000 dollars in damage here.

I just got back from Kea’au. As I was driving into Kea’au I came across this two car wreck. I don’t want to speculate on what happened, as I wasn’t about to ask the officer. :roll:

Front two cars involved followed by two officers responding

Front two cars involved followed by two officers responding

It looked like the smaller car got the worst of the damage of course.

Air bag worked

Air bag worked

I hope no one got hurt as there were no ambulances around when I arrived.

Everyone have a great New Years tonight… but do drive safely.

Top 10 “DTW” Post of 2008 (pt. 4)

Continued from here.

#1. So the top read post of 2008 doesn’t really surprise me that much. It was an election year and there was a lot of stuff flying around about the Mayoral Candidates.

I posted the following blog the first week I started this blog:

Is a Billy Kenoi Smear On?

Hunter Bishop then posted another blog the next day that followed up on this story that found out that the alleged “Akonipule” was making this allegation from a school in Hilo.

Ten days later, the Hawaii Tribune posted an article:

Kenoi Smear on Front Page of Tribune Herald

I tried my best to figure out who this Akonipule character was by even sending him an email through the Akamai voter site. The following post was the result of that email:

John Akonipule Responds to Smear Question… My Dog Has Been Killed… and other Paranoia

Of course after Billy Kenoi won the election… there wasn’t much for the smear site to attack anymore. So I followed up with this article:

Smear Site No Longer Exists

Many people were very worried about Mr. Kenoi’s Storied past and whether he would make a good Mayor or not.

From the decisions that he has made so far… I think he’s doing a great job as Mayor.

Hope you folks have a great New Year and I hope you continue to follow my blog in 2009.

Damon Tucker

Lingle Pardons Six More – Bringing Total to 77

Governor Linda Lingle announced today that she granted pardons to six individuals in 2008, in accordance with the power vested in her by the Hawai`i State Constitution (Article V, Section 5).

“These individuals made mistakes, which for some were one-time, isolated incidents. They served their sentences and completed probation, and have led law-abiding lives,” said Governor Lingle…
Governor Lingle has pardoned 77 individuals since taking office.

List of latest pardons Here

Lingle Names East Hawaii Liaison

Governor Linda Lingle has appointed Honoka‘a native Marc Miranda to serve as her liaison to the East Hawai`i community. Miranda will start his new duties on Jan. 12…

More Here

Today’s KO


Department of Transportation to Enter 20 Year Agreement With Hoku Solar

…Hoku Solar will assign its power purchase agreements to the special purpose entity Hoku Solar Power I LLC, which will sell the electricity generated by the PV power systems to Hawaii Department of Transportation over a contract period of 20 years, the company said in a statement…

More Here

Power Outage Hits Pahoa and Nanawale

We just had about a 90 minute power outage here in Pahoa near the school. I drove through Pahoa Town and the businesses still had power.

I heard it was out from Nanawale all the way up to my place.

It’s dumping rain now so I’m preparing for a wet new years eve!

Ohana Fun Day at Kurtistown Ballpark

On Saturday, January 10th, the following participating agencies and groups will hold the “Ohana Fun Day” at Kurtistown Ballpark:

Puna Community Action Team Members, County of Hawaii Community Policing, County of Hawaii Police Activities League, Hawaiian Beaches Action Team, County of Hawaii Parks and Recreation Department, The Salvation Army – Family Intervention Services, Neighborhood Place of Puna, Puna Congressional Church, Liz Salfen, Kea’au High School Athletics, Fred Blas of the Hawaiian Beaches Action Team, Queen Liliuokalani Children’s Center and other community members.

The event is free and as you can see from above, definetely an event to bring your kids too.

Rockslide Highway 19 North of Hilo

I just saw the following Twit from Hawaii 247. I guess he is on the road right now and can’t post it to the site this second. I’ll just post it here for anyone traveling in that direction anytime soon.

Rockslide continue along Hwy 19 north of Hilo. State highway crews are out clearing debris so one lane traffic at times. Drive safely.

Pahoa H&R Block Tax Office Opening Friday

The H&R Block of Pahoa will be opening next week on January 2nd.

I wonder how much H&R Block pays to keep this office space 12 months a year but only open for a few?

I wonder how much H&R Block pays to keep this office space 12 months a year but only open for a few?

Sign in the window announcing the opening.


Argh… Pepsi Is Not Healthy for a Keyboard

I just had the unpleasant experience of spilling a Pepsi all over my frigging keyboard.

It looks like all the keys are still working.  I’ve wiped it down with Clorox wipes.  I just hope the inside of the keyboard doesn’t start attracting ants or something now.  I’m certainly not going to attempt to take apart this keyboard.  The last time I tried that… I couldn’t get the damn keyboard back together the same way it came apart.

ARGH!  If I had video of the incident… this would have made my “Today’s KO” list.

Hawaiian Dredging Lays Off 70

Well the layoffs continue here in Hawaii.

The largest general contractor in Hawaii, Hawaiian Dredging is now laying off 70 people.

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. told PBN that the company had to let go of the workers because of the slowdown in construction projects.

The majority of the 70 employees laid off were union workers. Others, such as professional, managerial and engineering people, were laid off as well…

More Here

New Design for New State ID Cards

Beginning January 5, the State will be issuing new ID cards for people wishing to obtain Hawaii ID cards.  The new cards will look like this:


Top 10 “DTW” Posts of 2008 (pt. 3)

Continued from here.

#4.  Well they always did say that sex sells.  This was interesting.  Especially the fact that Dave Corrigan, from BIVN, saw a Stinkhorn mushroom on a tour he took later on in the year.

Just as Viagra seems to be a big seller… I still think I could make a killing off stinkhorn mushrooms if the following is true.  The fact that it derived around a Hawaii Study has me even more fascinated.

#3.  I can only guess the Pahoa Parade Results and Pictures were popular because everyone that was in the parade kept sending their pictures off to other people.  I’m really amazed that more then 3,000 people have viewed this post.

I’d like to thank the Pahoa Main Street Association for asking me to be a judge this year and I’m disappointed to hear of some manini charge that Councilwomen Naeole has lodged against PMSA.

Pahoa Parade: Results and Pictures

#2.  In September, I introduced the contestants for the Miss Hawaii USA and Miss Hawaii Teen contestants in a video that still has never aired on TV.

In November when the pageant actually finished, I posted the winners.

And the next day I posted these youtube videos that I found on youtube that still to this day are getting hits like crazy.



Stay tuned tomorrow for the #1 “DTW” post of 2008

BIVN on Pohoiki Bypass

Big Island Video News just posted an excellent video of the recent Blessing and Opening of the new Pohoiki Bypass.

One of these days, I’m going to learn to stay out of his damn camera shots!  I thought if I stood by him for a good portion of the time, I would be safe.