Big Island Chronicle… Unfolding and Seeking Contributors

The other day I posed the question… “When Will Tiffany Edwards Hunt Start Blogging Again?

Well it looks like the answer is “Unfolding” as I write this.  It appears that Tiffany is also looking for a few contributors to her site.  I wonder if she would post a knockout ;)


E-mail to get involved with or to offer a submission.

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  1. Mahalo for your interest in my career, Damon :)

    Check out the website now… The transformation continues :)

    I am posting this classified on the neighborhood blogs:

    A L O H A

    In an effort to fill the news and commentary void, is undergoing a transformation. No longer a site geared toward family and friends, will now regularly provide news and commentary and essentially serve to strengthen our community by being a conduit for communication. Feel free to post your comments. Use whatever pseudonym suits your fancy. Just be sure to “blog with aloha.”

    I look forward to serving the Big Island in this new capacity.

    Please help spread the word about


    Damon – I knew I’d draw you out eventually. No interest in your career, just need some other legitimate blogs going here in Puna. Besides, you have been mentioning you were going to start blogging again now for awhile. Especially with HB’s latest departure from the blogging world… I need my “fix” of local bloggers you know. If you can make a career out of blogging, then more power to you! I wish I could earn some kala on this buggah! ;)
    Damon – Just looked at your blog again… and it still says “This page is unfolding” at the top of the site. Thus the headline of this blog. ;)

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