Word World… Online

Everyone knows I’m “Addicted” to my computer.  I’m a bit leary to start letting my son play games or jump online just yet.

The other day I mentioned a PBS TV show that Leslie Wilcox from PBS Hawaii turned my son on to.

Tonight, I broke down and let my son jump on the computer.

But I did a quick search for “Word World” and I came across a PBS game that is associated with the show.

My son played it for about 15 minutes before I ended up kicking him off my computer again.

And once again he said… “Dad… that was a good game”.

I’m glad PBS and Disney offer online games that kids my sons age can play without me worrying about a lot of online violence.

Disney I know is just trying to market most of their products in the long run… unlike PBS where they are actually trying to do something for a childs future instead of just selling them merchandise.

If you a child… check out the PBS online site for kids games.


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