Blog Devoted to Capturing Puna Scammer Jon Phillip Toriumi

I’m not gonna expand to much on this guys blog that was posted about a year ago.

I’ve only heard stories of this Toriumi character, and from what I can tell, he scammed a lot of people from a Grassroots church here in Puna.

I feel sorry for those that were taken by him.

The only way to get justice would be to finally track him down… Who knows, he may come back to Pahoa!

Have You Seen This Guy Recently?

Have You Seen This Guy Recently?

It’s really a shame that I have to make this blog, but it’s absolutely necessary to warn people about one Jon P. Toriumi, because he wrecked a lot of people’s lives here in our town of Pahoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii

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You Know a Holiday is Coming Up When You Hear the Pigs Squeal

One of the unique traditions in Hawaii is that many people raise their own thanksgiving dinners.

Obviously someone in my neighborhood is having Kalua Pig, as I hear a captured pig screaming for its dear life somewhere in the neighborhood.

I remember the first time I watched my uncle gut a pig over on Kauai back in 1977!  Still to this day I remember the images.

Now when we gut pigs, it just seems like a natural thing to do.

This Thanksgiving, I’m actually going to do the Turkey!  I’m excited, yet a bit nervous.

I’ve decided I’ll try and brine the bird, since I’ve heard so much about it being done and I really don’t have a big audience to worry about whether it succeeds or fails.

I’m trying to think what is more ruthless?  Chopping the head off of a live turkey or killing a pig?

I’m so glad I wasn’t raised a vegetarian.  While I think they are for the most part strong willed people to stick to their beliefs in avoiding meat… I really feel sorry for them when it comes to these holidays where meats are such a predominant part of the meal.

Insects Released to Battle Gall Wasps

*updated below*

I guess I will have to watch the news tonight… but there is something that bothers me when I see a news agency release a notice like thiswithout telling us the name of the insect/wasp that was released.

The Hawai`i Department of Agriculture today released the first batch of tiny insects that are natural enemies of the Erythrina Gall Wasp, the insect that has devastated wiliwili and coral trees across the state.

Staff released about 500 tiny wasps in a stand of native wiliwili trees in Liliuokalani Botanical Gardens in Liliha. About a dozen such releases will be taking place on each island statewide. KGMB9’s Tina Chau was there and will have full details tonight on KGMB9 News at 6pm.



It’s going to be the wasp that a State Entomologist was working on for a long time.


…State Department of Agriculture exploratory entomologist Mohsen Ramadan was absent but the product of his work was present in the release of 500 tiny wasps called Eurytoma erythinae into a stand of native wiliwili trees at Lili’uokalani Botanical Gardens in Liliha…

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Today’s KO


Matson Raising Shipping Rates… Again

Matson Navigation Co. is increasing its shipping rates for Hawaii service.

The company announced Tuesday it will raise rates for Hawaii service by $120 per westbound container and $60 per eastbound container, effective Jan. 4.

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Footage From the Miss Hawaii and Miss Teen 2009 Pageants

Here it is folks, footage from the actual pageants themselves.  Previously I posted footage from a fashion show that the contestants were in earlier this year.

This footage is from the actual pageants:



3.0 Earthquake Registered in Pahala

I Just noticed Pahala had a minor tremblor last night:

A minor earthquake occurred at 4:40:11 PM (HST) on Monday, November 24, 2008 .
The magnitude 3.0 event occurred 9 km (6 miles) NNE of Pahala.
The hypocentral depth is 10 km ( 6 miles).