Coming Soon to Pahoa: Wai Ola Kangen Water Outlet

On Oahu they have a “Water Bar” that serves Mahalo Water for really outrageous prices.   I’m talking like $14.00 bucks for a simple glass of this Mahalo Water.  Here is a picture of the front of the Water Bar in Waikiki:


I just noticed on my walk earlier today, that next to the Pahoa Village Cafe that is returning, there is going to be a “Water Bar” or outlet type store of some sort.

I could only see the sign on the window and I could not see in, so I don’t know much about this store going in:

Coming Soon to Pahoa

Coming Soon to Pahoa Mainstreet

A quick Google search on Kangen waters brings me to their homepage here.

I have always been one to kind of doubt the health benefits of Bottled Water compared to tap water.

Heck, we didn’t even have bottled water more then 20 years ago!

Paying ridiculous prices for a natural resource such as water just seems ridiculous to me.

“Anyone feel like contributing to fund the bridge I’m building from the mainland to here?” ;)

Someone once said there’s a sucker born every minute.

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  1. Please call me or email me
    lets talk. I have a home in Pahoa and have some questions about the new water
    Wai Ola in Pahoa.

    Would like to know what you have going.


  2. The Kangen Alkaline water is amazing. They shoudn’t charge high prices. Actually it should be given away for free. It is for everyone. The healing properties are amazing. I Know where to get it free all over. contact me so I can share, our

    • Ellen,

      Yes FREE to all. In fact it is against company policy and proceedures to sell Kangen water.

      I am on Kauai and Oahu and big island.
      if anyone wants FREE fresh kangen water I too offer it free.

      Also our office in Honolulu gives it away for free.


      • Hi Suzi,
        Yes, Kangen Water IS amazing, and it has literally Changed My Life. I NEVER want to be without it. Anyone who believes that “water is water” is in for a rude awakening. Frankly, I was somewhat skeptical when I was first introduced to the Enagic Kangen Water machine. I told my benefactor “I think I need a lot more than water, to solve my problems”. I was suffering a severe case of Acid Reflux, EVERY TIME I ATE anything, and, due to a compressed disk, I had a very painful pinched sciatic nerve in my low back, that sent pain all the way down my leg. Both of those problems have been very nicely dealt with over the past 18 months, by simply drinking our “magic” Kangen Water. I recommend it to everyone I know or meet.
        All the best, Gordon.

        Kind regards,
        Gordon Perry

      • Hi suzie can you tell me where I can get kangen water im on oahu the machines are just so expensive.

      • If anyone knows where i can get kangen water on oahu thats free or inexpensive pls contact me via email

      • Can you please assist me in locating someone on Kona, Hawaii who can provide Kangen water while I am on vacation during Aug-Sep 2011 timeframe. It is a critical part of my cancer treatment.

  3. What are your comments on this article:

    Damon – I believe the human body will do just fine with the water that the clouds provide us. Many people here in Hawaii catch their own water and use it for many purposes.
    People lived long healthy lives long before bottled water or filters came out.
    In today’s economy… I think it’s a waste of money to “purify” water that is already drinkable.

    • purifying water is danderous. reverse osmossis etc.

      the water today has become polluted. catchment causes lots of problems because the roof top has rats and rodents crawling all over and bird poop etc. In fact we must go through more filtration if your on catchment.

      call for free information or email

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