More on the “Hawaii Campus Girls” Website

I got an interesting comment from “Hilo Reader” on the blog I just posted on the Hawaii Campus Girls Website:

What makes the owner a pervert exactly? All of the girls look like paid models. This isn’t a secret candid upskirt site. It’s soft core porn.

There are tons of porn sites on the internet. Lots of them have niche content. This one happens to be Hawaiian girls. Many people find Hawaiian girls very attractive but are not a part of the culture or community and will never be able to connect with one on any level. What’s wrong with looking at pictures of willing and paid models?

Which spurred me to look into the site a bit further:

I did find “Soft Porn” and pictures on the site here that one can only assume that this site is an amateur porn site of some sort.

The guys that supposedly run the site:




After looking at the “About Us” on the website, it comes to my attention that this site probably actually originates from outside of the United States completely.

I don’t even dare print what it reads in the foreign language because I don’t know what it says, but you can see for yourself it’s not English… and it certainly isn’t “Hawaiian”.

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