Blue Jellyfish I Filmed in the Ala Wai Canal… And They Say the Ala Wai is Safe to Paddle In

A couple years ago, I was walking down the Ala Wai Canal and I happened to spot a blue jellyfish!

I just happened to have my camera with me at the time, so I was able to capture a few movies of the jellyfish.

Every month it seems like Waikiki is getting hit with Jellyfish.  In today’s paper 400 were seen alone in Waikiki.

I had never seen a blue jellyfish so I wonder how toxic it was.  If it was living in the Ala Wai Canal, then I’m sure it’s pretty damn toxic.  Still to this day, people use the Ala Wai Canal for recreational purposes.

First video is when I initially spotted it:


Second Video: I stopped this lady on the Ala Wai to show her the video.  I don’t know what I was thinking of stopping her… I was just so amazed at seeing the Blue Jellyfish, that I wanted to show it to someone else at the time just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things (Audio a must):


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