Lingle to Taiwanese on Hawaii… “…It’s Not a Cheap Place to Come”

Lingle has been over in Taiwan promoting tourism.

I’m not sure why she let the following slip out if your trying to promote a place:

“People think of coming to Hawaii when honeymoons, anniversaries, and important things come up. Until August next year, we have special events held to celebrate our 50th anniversary. I have to say it’s not a cheap place to come, but Hawaii provides visitors with its rich cultures, including the native Hawaiian culture, and great values,” the governor said.

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But hey… at least she is telling the truth ;)

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  1. Jeeeeze, what’s wrong with this woman! It would be well worth it to pay someone to pack Linda’s suitcase every time she leaves the state.
    I cringed to see her at the repuglican convention, sitting next to McCain’s mom, in her dull gray suit. One flowered shirt under that jacket would have made 40 million people salivate for their Hawaiian vacation. This drove me so nuts I even wrote her a letter. I’d feel the same way if the guv was a guy. They represent us, what the hell is she thinking? For the amount of media coverage she’s been getting lately, we wouldn’t even need DBEDT if she would just wear something Hawaiian, talk about bang for your buck! Sheesh.
    Wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity to showcase Hawai’i. (then again, maybe that’s a good thing!)

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