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Hawaii Dance Crew “The Hype” Running for a Spot on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3

The Hawaii based dance crew “The Hype” looks like there doing fairly good at the auditions for MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3.

Here is there Audition from Los Angeles:


And this is the interview after the audition:


Another Failed Missile Intercept

I blogged a couple weeks ago about the U.S. Failed attempt at hitting a missile out of midair, the Starbulletin is reporting that Japan has now failed at a missile intercept attempt off Hawaii as well.

A Japanese navy ship failed today to shoot down a mid-range ballistic missile target in a test off the coast of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency announced…

In today’s test, a ballistic missile target launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility at Barking Sands on Kauai was detected and tracked by the crew of the JS Chokai.

Three minutes later, the Japanese destroyer fired an interceptor missile to shoot down the target in space, but the intercept failed…

JS Chokai

JS Chokai

More Here

Lingle to Taiwanese on Hawaii… “…It’s Not a Cheap Place to Come”

Lingle has been over in Taiwan promoting tourism.

I’m not sure why she let the following slip out if your trying to promote a place:

“People think of coming to Hawaii when honeymoons, anniversaries, and important things come up. Until August next year, we have special events held to celebrate our 50th anniversary. I have to say it’s not a cheap place to come, but Hawaii provides visitors with its rich cultures, including the native Hawaiian culture, and great values,” the governor said.

More Here


From http://www.etaiwannews.com

But hey… at least she is telling the truth ;)

Everythings Amazing, Nobody’s Happy


Economy Takes Toll on Hawaii Radio Stations… Jobs Cut

You know the economy is tanking when they are laying off radio station employees.

Radio is one of the earliest formats of media!

Cox Radio Hawaii, which owns and operates six radio stations in the state, has cut a handful of jobs and consolidated its sales and advertising departments.

Vice President and General Manager Mike Kelly told PBN that four employees were laid off this week, which included three entry-level positions and one manager, in an effort to streamline operations in light of the economic downturn…

…Cox Radio Hawaii owns and operates Power 104.3 KPHW-FM, KCCN-FM 100, Hawaiian 105 KINE-FM, Krater 96 KRTR-FM/AM, and KKNE-AM…

More Here

Today’s KO

Road Rage leads to KO at 1:30 mark… but it get’s even better:


Doctors to Perform “Virtual Visits” in Hawaii Under New Plan

Beginning in January,  HMSA recipients  will have another option available to see their doctors.  I’m just curious how many folks that need to use this technology, will actually be able to use it?

The first plan to sign on is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii, which starting in January will offer patients virtual visits with its doctors. Other states and health plans, yet to be announced, will also activate it in 2009.

…The platform will allow credentialed healthcare providers from HMSA’s network to make themselves available for online and phone consultations at their discretion, any time, from any location, and for as long as they choose. Eligible consumers, both HMSA members and nonmembers, will have immediate live access to such providers without scheduling appointments or leaving home.

The ensuing interaction will allow providers to review relevant patient information, speak with and see the patients, prescribe medications as appropriate, and suggest follow-up care. This on-demand interaction between members and providers will be under the advisement of the patient’s care coordinator, namely their primary care physician…

More Here

New on My Blogroll… “Polynesian Power”

I’m always looking for good local blogs.

I try to stay focused mainly on Big Island Blogs.

Recently, the Jodatoa Blog out of Oahu, has caught my attention.

Mainly because of my love for football, but also because it features Polynesian Football Players.

There aren’t many people that focus their blogs on this aspect of Polynesian culture.

I’ve added his link to my blogroll, so stop on by and check out some Polynesian Power!

Jodatoa Blog

NASA Big Wig… “NASA Has No Plans to Build Any Permanent Structures…” (Mauna Kea)

Last week I wrote about my day up on Mauna Kea with NASA developers and showed some of the pictures that I had taken.

I guess NASA “Big Wig”, Bill Larson read the comments made by Dave Corrigan of the Big Island Video News where we discussed the DVD that NASA gave us.

Mr. Larson comments:

Just to clarify, the test site you visited was selected for this specific test only. NASA has no plans to build any permanent structures at this location. If you go back to the site this week, other than the footprints we left, you wouldn’t be able to tell we had been there and the footprints will probably be gone after a couple of rainstorms. The mention of a permanent structure to simulate a moonbase in the PISCES video is just a PISCES idea, not a NASA idea. NASA has no plans to build a simulated moon base on Mauna Kea and if we ever did decide to build such a structure, it is unlikely, in my opinion, that it would be built in Hawaii. I would more likely be built close to one of the NASA Centers on the mainland. Any further tests conducted in Hawaii would likely be short campaigns like the one we just completed where we specifically need soil or rock conditions similar to the moon.

One more thing, your reference to testing on the “top of Mauna Kea” could mislead people to think we conducted these tests near the summit. The tests were conducted well below the summit (9,000 ft) in areas where four wheel drive enthusiasts and hunters frequently enjoy the mountain. I would not want your readers to believe that we conducted these tests on the more sacred areas of the mountain. We really are trying to be sensitive to the concerns of the local community.

Glad you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for your interest in informing the community about our efforts to return to the moon! Warmest Regards, The NASA “bigwig””

I appreciate Mr. Larson’s comments as well as NASA’s overall concern with Mauna Kea.

I did tell Mr. Corrigan that I did not think that this was going to be a long term project and that I didn’t see any permanent structures being built.

As with what may seem to many… I always question government spending on certain projects.

$1 Million Dollar PER Wheel for a dang Moon Rover does seem a bit extreme!  And from the looks of the tread that was on the wheel at Mauna Kea… They will definetely need to find something else then the material that was used on Mauna Kea… because the wheel looked like it was getting pretty shredded.



Keaau Bypass Getting Traffic Camera

I just noticed at the interstection of Keaau High School and H-130 that they are installing a traffic camera at the intersection as well as making changes in the actual traffic light there.