Snake Swallows Hippo… And then Pukes it Out

This definetely goes down under the Strange and Weird category:


And if that’s not scary enough… how about this !

2 Responses

  1. This is kinda nasty! ha! Reminds me of when my Pomeranian ate my Ultimate Cheeseburger & fries whole. Left nothing. And the whole day he couldn’t move, and looked like the middle of his body was rounder than a balloon. lol. But yeah, I was pissed. Spent 7$ on that meal, ha!


    Damon – Yeah… this is one of the nastier things I’ve put on my blog… I know your new to my blog… if you poke around… you may find a few other oddities. I’m a strange blogger… I blog about almost anything that touches a nerve now and then.

  2. And I thought exotic dancers were talented.

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