Pahoa and Kaumana Launch Anti-Bullying Programs

I often question the use of school funds.  I don’t know how much is being spent on this program, however, if anything can prevent a future Columbine at one of our local schools, I’m all for it.

Kaumana and Pahoa elementary schools have started a new anti-bullying program that two charter schools are already using to good effect.

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program sends trainers into schools to teach staff how to recognize and deal with bullying and pass that knowledge on to students, making schools safer, said Audrey Inaba, a member of the Hawaii Island Anti Bullying Coalition that helped bring the program to the island…

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Bustin’ Down the Door

There is a new movie coming out, based on Hawaii surfing, called Bustin’ Down the Door that is coming out soon.

During the winter of 1975 in Hawaii, surfing was shaken to its core. A group of young surfers from Australia and South Africa sacrificed everything and put it all on the line to create a sport, a culture, and an industry that today is worth billions of dollars and has captured the imagination of the world. With a radical new approach and a brash colonial attitude, these surfers crashed headlong into a culture that was not ready for revolution.

Here is the trailer:


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Mayoral Race Break Down by the Way Voters Voted

This page is very difficult to read so I broke it down here:

Angel Pilago:
3396 Absentee Mail Votes
6903 Absentee Walk-in Votes
17206 Election Day Votes
27505  Total Votes

Billy Kenoi:
6752 Absentee Mail Votes
9676 Absentee Walk-in Votes
20934 Election Day Votes
37362 Total Votes

If you want to see how other races fared, you can check it out here.

McDonalds of Waianae Flies it’s United States Flag Upside Down

I’m sure this is probably just an honest mistake, however, I’m sure the people at McDonalds aren’t going to be happy when they see this video:


The Link Between Sacramento’s New Mayor and UH Hilo

The new mayor of Sacramento is former NBA Superstar Kevin Johnson who played many seasons for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns.

Back in 1996, Kevin Johnson’s Nephew, Richard Johnson, transferred to UH Hilo to play basketball for Hilo, where he did farely well before being asked to leave the team for disciplinary reasons.

A Mahalo From Angel Pilago


I Love My Son… But at Times I Want to Strangle Him

Don’t get me wrong… I love my son and would never strangle him.

It’s just that I’m sure that he knows where my sunglasses are that I haven’t been able to find for 3 days.

I just have this feeling that he picked them up and put em with some of his stuff somewhere.

I’ve already learned real quickly that I need to keep my keys out of his reach.  But now I can’t find my dang sunglasses!

I even tried the… “Go find me your sunglasses trick” to see if he accidentally grabbed mine instead of his!

I’ve searched everywhere!

It’s very rare that I buy sunglasses that are over $100.00.

I normally buy the cheat $10.00 kind.  These were a pair of “Anarchy” glasses that I purchased over 3 years ago and I have done so well not to lose them or break them… but now they are gone!

Anyone seen a pair of glasses that look like these… REWARD if found!sunglasses

Princess Cruises Adds 14 Trips to Hawaiian Waters

Princess Cruises has added 14 cruises to Hawaiian waters, giving the state’s tourism a boost following NCL America’s move to reduce the number of its Hawaii-based ships to one from three…

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