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Two Missiles Fired Off Hawaii: 1 Hit… 1 Miss

I would expect better then 50% accuracy when it comes to protecting our lives.

U.S. Navy officials say one of two short-range ballistic missiles shot from a military facility in Hawaii in a defense system test was hit by an interceptor missile fired from a Navy ship…

…An SM-3 fired from the USS Paul Hamilton directly hit the first target missile. Another ship, the USS Hopper, failed to intercept the second target missile that was fired.

More Here

An SM-3 launches from a U.S. Navy Ballistic Missile Defense ship

An SM-3 launches from a U.S. Navy Ballistic Missile Defense ship

4 Responses

  1. Mahalo for your response, and also for your concern over the cost to taxpayers. I too pay taxes (with displeasure of the amount). As a hardware-oriented guy and one with experience not only in the defense industry but also from the perspecive of an end-user/operator of some of these expensive systems. The cost of freedom is expensive, no question about it. Moreso, the cost of lives is both high and deeply saddening to all of us. I regret very much losing the friendship of several former colleagues and close friends while in the service of their country. The alternative however, is to be defenseless. We have seen what happens when those who wish us harm carry out their assault on our citizens. Thousands die in a single attack. I genuinely wish the world could be at peace and rid of those who kill and destroy, but I feel that our only realistic way to find safety is to be prepared to defend ourselves. The alternative, I am afraid would be exceedingly more costly.

    Just my $0.02.

  2. It’s actually better than 50%…the flight record for the AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) missile system is 16 intercepts in 19 launches to date against non-separating targets. I work for the company that makes this system; it is currently in a development/test phase, and from an engineering point of view, this track record is considered quite successful.

    My background is unmanned undersea vehicles, which all use acoustic sensors for navigation and imaging, hydraulics, and high voltage electrical power for propulsion and work subsystems. My wife is very environmentally conscious and I therefore am intimate with the argument of military hardware being eco-unfriendly. From my perspective and that of my colleagues in the defense industry, compliance with environmental laws in our effort to protect the earth and its inhabitants is equally important to delivering products that meet the DoD’s requirements.

    Side note: PMRF Barking Sands is a facility that provides most valuable services to support testing, training, and development of new systems like the AEGIS BMD, all crucial to the Navy’s maintaing readiness to perform it’s primary mission, to maintain freedom of the seas.

    Other side note: No intention here to come off argumentative. I realize however, that there are people in this world who wish to harm us, and I think that we need to protect ourselves, as the author’s expectations stated above infer.

    Damon – er.. um… Thanks for your expertise on this. You know how much tax dollars that missed missile cost us?

  3. Oh yum, perchlorate in the ground water and little fishies…

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