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Nothing better then live television:


Is GMO Bill 361 Official Now???

It has been more then 10 days since the County Council approved Bill 361.

If memory serves me correct, the mayor only has 10 days to sign the bill or veto the bill otherwise it becomes law regardless of what Harry Kim says after that 10 days.

Does anyone know if it is now official?

Kahana Eviction Videos

Six families who have called part of Kahana State Park home for generations are packing up and getting ready to clear out.

Here are some videos of what is going on from the stand point of the residents:




Ahi “Poke” Linked to Salmonella Cases

Eating contaminated raw tuna can be a cause of Salmonella infection, a researcher from Hawaii warned on Tuesday…

The only significant correlate of Salmonella infection was raw fish consumption in the 7 days before illness onset. Eighty-six percent of case patients had consumed raw fish compared with just 28 percent of controls.In most cases, ahi “poke,” which is often made from imported frozen tuna, was the fish consumed. The investigators could identify no single store, store chain, or supplier that accounted for all of the exposures.

More Here

Hawaii Then and Now 1973/4 – 2008

Found this cool little slide show that was just added to youtube by the Yamanaka family:


Second Superferry Delayed… To Be Used Elsewhere Before Coming to the Big Island?

I just noticed this post on the Marine Log:

…The company is expecting to take delivery of it in Mobile in late February 2009 and says it “will look at short-term opportunities for use of the ship prior to its induction into service in the islands…”

Just what we wanted… a used ferry. ;)

I bet you anything… that this get’s put to use as some sort of military transport.

Bus Only Guaranteed Free Until End of 2009… Why is There No Bus on Sundays?

One of the things that came out of last nights H-130 meeting was that the county had a representative there to explain the bus system here on the Island.  I wasn’t very impressed with the presentation, but then again, I spent the last 9 years dealing with the bus system on Oahu and that is one of the best systems in the nation year end and year out.

We had the opportunity to ask questions and I asked how long the buses would remain free.  And the Counties reply was that the free rides were funded until the end of 2009.  He didn’t expand on anything past that.

Emily Naeole was able to divert some of the Geothermal Funds to get another route through the areas affected by the geothermal plant.

One of thing that did come up was the lack of Sunday buses.

The only thing that I can possibly explain why they might not have Sunday Busses, is because the County would have to pay Sunday pay to the drivers. ;)

Anyone else have a reason why they couldn’t at least run a modified or shortened Sunday schedule?

TONIGHT: First Ever Inter-Island Mayoral Debates Live On Air and Online: Pilago and Kenoi Included

*bump* Thanks Bishop for the reminder.

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, KGMB9 and will present the first inter-island mayoral debate live on air and online. Joining candidates Bernard Carvalho and JoAnn Yukimura from Kauai, Honolulu City Councilmember Ann Kobayashi and incumbent Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, Angel Pilago and Billy Kenoi will face off on O`ahu at the Hawai`i Theatre from 6:30-9 p.m. The event will be hosted by KGMB9’s Keahi Tucker and Kim Gennaula and moderated by the host station and campaign debate partner, the Honolulu Advertiser.

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In order to understand a bit more about the readers that have been reading my blog, I thought I conduct a reader survey.  Feel free to answer these questions and the responses remain anonymous and I have no way of telling who said what.


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Now back to your regular programming.

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Full Hands at the Farm (Hamakua Farms)

I’m glad that Richard Ha is upfront with everyone on his blog so I’ll just direct everyone over to his latest blog posting:

Full Hands at the Farm

I wish his farm the best and I know they will be doing fine soon once again in the near future.

Best Wishes Richard

Tonights H-130 Meeting

Well tonights H-130 meeting was about as productive as the other ones.  (Sandwiches from Safeway were on the menu)

We learned about pending transportation issues and new busses that are being scheduled.


Learned a bit about the Puna Makai Alternative Route (PMAR) that is still being worked on by the county.

We broke out into two groups and discussed different issues.

I ended up being the “voice” of our group and did my best to summarize what our group had talked about, which ranged from where we thought were bad intersections, to bus stops, to the width of the Highway, to beautification, etc.  It really kind of went all over the place and we only had 15 minutes to discuss this.

I did mention burying powerlines as well as round-a-bouts so at least those are now on the table.

It was rather strange that there was much opposition against burying the powerlines within the group of people that I was with.  I also noted that they wouldn’t have to be necessarily buried, and that they could lay on top of the ground with conduits along the way.

The end of the meeting came with a guy talking about projected traffic patterns based on 2002 data.  Jon Olsen pretty much shot down one set of statistics that was presented and questioned the rest.  I too have significant doubts on the numbers that were presented and even the speaker himself mentioned that it’s all speculation based upon a few things.

I got the final question of the evening in… when I finally asked “Are we just Pawns of the State?  I understand this EIS is required to get community input… however, is our input actually going to be heard and listened to… or are we just pawns of the state?”

The answer in a summary… was that had this been 8-10 years ago… then maybe that’s how it would be.  But now the State is actually going to listen to our recommendations… at least thats what they are saying now.

One thing that did come out of this… Is that all of this could be for nothing and that absolutely no changes in H-130 may happen when it’s all said and done.  (Now how is that for a slap in the face?)

Today’s KO

This was actually shot by a friend of mine, Jon Karsunky, about 6 years ago, and only now I’m seeing it on youtube posted by someone who I don’t know.

My friend Jon, replied below… I guess it wasn’t one of his… for some reason I thought it was.


TODAY: Big Island Election Debates at UH at Hilo


Presented by UHH Poli-Sci Club
Monday. October 27 @ UHH Campus Center Plaza
11:45-12:00 Club set-up
12:00-12:10 Club opening speech
format: All candidates will briefly introduce him or herself prior to
the debate.  All questions will be asked from the public.  A time
keeper must notify the candidates when there is only 2 minutes left.
12:10-12:30 Ted Hong vs. Dwight Takamine SD1
12:30-12:50 Andy Baclig vs. Dennis Onishi   CD4
12:50-01:10 Emily Naeole vs. Gary Safarik   CD5
01:10-01:30 Billy Kenoi vs. Angel Pilago      Mayor  BILLY KENOI HAS CANCELLED HIS COMMITMENT
01:30-02:00 Club closing speech/clean up
*students please contact the disbility service for special assistance.
**visitor parking permit is $3 per car at the security gate.
***if one candidate for the race is absent then other candidate will
alone answer all the questions from the public.
POC Jet Heng 854-4899

Why Blog… Where’s the Money?

Ian Lind wrote an interesting piece on why he blogs this morning.

The question was asked of him if he would like to make money blogging and I’ll just copy his final reply:

…Simple answer, probably. All offers will be gratefully considered, although I doubt that I should hold me breath. And if there’s an interesting job out there for someone who isn’t worried first and foremost about how much it pays, don’t hesitate to let me know.

This pretty much sums up a lot of my feelings.

I know I’ll never make any money off blogging.  However, it is a good way to vent my feelings without anyone telling me what I can or cannot say.

Today’s newspapers suck so much that I barely even skim most of the article I read now a days.  I find it much more refreshing to read other people thoughts and opinions on things and then go on to read the actual news of an event.

I don’t like reading real structured columns, and I’ve always been a person that believes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Because of certain laws that protect bloggers, it’s very easy to read into the minds of how people think and what they are thinking about when they write something.

Many bloggers try to focus on one thing or subject.  Me… I try to just go all over the place at times and try to keep it somewhat Hawaii related.

Why Blog… Where’s the money?

Well if your blogging to make money… then your blogging for the wrong reason.

Hawaiian Acquiring Two New “Airbus Planes”

Hawaiian Airlines, a subsidiary of Hawaiian Holdings Inc., said Monday that it will acquire two new wide-body Airbus A330-200 aircraft in addition to an agreement to buy up to 24 Airbus planes that the company announced earlier this year

More Here

First Class Flying?

First Class Flying?

Or Coach?

Or Coach?

County Offering One-Time Free Cocqui Spray Treatments for Property Owners

I haven’t heard much about this, however, according to the County website:

The County is providing one-time spray treatments to property owners for coqui frog control.  The program assists owners with a spray treatment by the County crew with a 400-gallon trailer sprayer.

Owner permission is required before services can be performed, so the County is responding to owner requests only.

For further information or to request a spray treatment, please call 961-8065.

Could Richard Ha’s Purple Cherokee’s Have the Cure to Cancer?

Richard Ha from Hamakua Farms grows a “Purple Cherokee” Tomato that looks like this:

Purple Cherokee on Right

Purple Cherokee on Right

A European study recently shows that eating Purple Tomatoes extend the life of cancer-prone mice:

Tomatoes genetically modified to be rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins appeared to extend the life spans of cancer-prone mice, a European study finds.

The modified tomatoes were created by adding two genes (Delila and Rosea1) from the snapdragon flower. The anthocyanins, which belong to the flavonoid class of antioxidants, gave the tomatoes a peculiar purple color.

“The two genes we have isolated are responsible for flower pigmentation and, when introduced in other plants, turned out to be the perfect combination to produce anthocyanins, the same phytochemical found in blueberries,” study author Eugenio Butelli, of the FLORA project, said in a news release…

More Here

I wonder if Richard may have stumbled onto something he doesn’t even realize yet?

Could his Purple tomatoes also help fight cancer?  One would think they couldn’t harm. ;)

Kenoi Cancels UH Hilo Debate? … Yet Another Broken Commitment?

I just got notice in an email, that Billy Kenoi has cancelled the UH Hilo debate that was scheduled for tomorrow:

Oct. 27 – HILO: Monday –2008 Big island Election Debates

Poli-Sci Club @ UHH Campus Center Plaza 12Noon-2PM

Billy Kenoi has cancelled

If this is true, then this would make the second debate that he committed to be in, that he has pulled out of.

The Things That Don’t Get Screened on Youtube: Name This Maui Beach?

I find it ironic that a fight that I posted on my blog from youtube would get pulled down so quickly from youtube.  I wonder how long this will stay up?

I just noticed that this video of a beach on Maui that made it on to youtube.  I thought It was “Little Beach” at first, but a reader has told me it’s not.  So can anyone name this Maui Beach?

I wonder how long it will remain  posted if I post this to my blog.