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Pictures of Orca Whale that Washed Up On Kauai that Was Euthanized

The Advertiser reported on the Orca that was Euthanized today.  Here are some more pictures.

Hat tip to Kim Rogers

The Cutest Local Video You Will Ever See… At Least Today

Dave Corrigan over at BIVN captured a rare moment that hardly ever is caught on tape.

Honu (Turtle) Hatchlings making there way to the ocean over in Ka`u.

L&L in Pahoa Finally Opens Up

I’m sure everyone in Pahoa has seen the L&L Coming Soon sign in the window of the store next to Black Rock Cafe.

Well, I was wondering when it was going to open so I asked the corporate website.

I got the following response to my surprise:

Aloha Damon.  The Pahoa L&L Hawaiian Barbecue just opened this past weekend. Let us know how they’re doing!

Brandon T. Dela Cruz
Director of Marketing
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Website: www.hawaiianbarbecue.com

Geez… I thought there would be a little more media attention to it opening. ;)

But then again, it is just one more L&L.

There is another story behind this, Pahoa Chop Suey used to be in that location and that was a long time favorite for many local families.  That place will be missed, more then L&L and will ever be welcomed by longtime residents.

It is sad when old businesses go out of business for fast food joints.

Today’s KO… I’ve Been Duped!

One of the original KO’s that I posted on my blog was this one:


Now this video comes out that explains where that video came from:

This video is all over YouTube and seems lots of people think it’s real. It’s actually from the movie Never Back Down, and since I couldn’t find the actual movie clip on YouTube, I thought I’d post it myself.


Naeole Finally Introduces the Contraflow Proposal for H-130… Council Gives Preliminary Approval

I mentioned a while back that Naeole was going to be introducing a Contraflow Proposal for H-130.

“…Emily has two resolutions being taken up at committee level in a
couple of weeks: one calling for a reversible lane on Hwy 130
another calling for the state to create legislation shifting the waste
management burden
to producers and manufacturers…”

Well she finally introduced the reversible lane resolution.

County Council members gave preliminary approval to a resolution that would ask the state to create a reversible or contraflow lane for Highway 130.

The nonbinding resolution notes that Puna is one of the fastest-growing areas of the Big Island and suffers from major traffic problems.

It asks that the state “create a reversible or counterflow lane during peak commute hours on Highway 130 at the bottleneck near Keaau High School.”

Councilwoman Emily Naeole introduced the resolution in the Public Works and Intergovernmental Relations Committee on Tuesday morning. They voted to postpone discussion until Nov. 6 to get more input from police and the Department of Transportation, and then moved on to other business…

Ron Thiel, the Department of Public Works traffic division chief, said he opposed the resolution. He said that the state Department of Transportation would begin construction in 2010 of two new shoulder lanes on the highway that would widen the highway to four pass-through lanes

More Here

Thank you Auntie Emily for pushing this.  We cannot wait until 2010!

The “Entertainment Center” Planned for Hilo

I just read about the Entertainment Center planned for Hilo.

While I do think there needs to be more things for kids and families to do, I just don’t think the local economy is going to be able to support something like this.

At least it’s a private enterprise and our tax money is being used to support it.

I wish it the best of luck and I’m sure I would take my son there at least once.

Two Big Island businessmen are seeking county approval for an entertainment center on 6.2 acres of land adjacent to the Waiakea Villas in Hilo…

The development, known as the Hilo Family Entertainment Center, would be built in two phases.

The initial phase would include: a bowling alley of “approximately 32 lanes,” a 3,000 to 4,000 square foot “kids zone” with games for prize redemption and amusement, private birthday party rooms, four to six lanes of private bowling for private events and gatherings, a laser-tag center, indoor mini-golf and private banquet rooms…

More Here

I mean seriously… a 32 lane bowling alley?  We can barely support the lanes that we do have in town…(or are they even there anymore?)

Us parents on the Big Island aren’t like the Hawaii Kai parents of Oahu that can support a “Chucky Cheese”… Well at least not this parent.  ;)

Why Can’t the County Open the Pahoa Recycling Center on Weekdays?

I’m sick and tired of always having to do my recycling on the Weekends when there always seems to be a line-up of people.

If the government is going to impose a tax on us such as the Bottle Bill.  They should at least make the redemption centers open on Government Hours as well.

The Pahoa recycling center needs to be open at least 4 days a week instead of just the weekend.

Anyone know how we could request this?

I Guess I Need a Daily Planner

On Monday night I was invited to attend the Pahoa Main Street Association meeting at the community center.

I made a mental note of it, and told myself that I could make it after my son’s art lessons.

I don’t know what happened, but after my son’s art lessons, I just came straight home and forgot all about that meeting.

I wish I would have attended and I hope if someone out there reading this blog attended the meeting, that they could email me at damontucker@yahoo.com to let me know when the next one will be and if I missed anything major at this one.

Anyone want to buck up for a daily planner ;)