You Know Your Child is Learning When You Hear This

Last night I was on the computer and my son was building his train set.  He wanted to show me something that he had made.

So he said… “Daddy look what I made”

And with out me even turning around to look at what he made I said “Oh wow Bubbs… It Looks good”

He instantly says… “Daddy… I need to see your eyes… You’re not paying attention”

So I turned around to look at what he had made… and he hadn’t made anything… he simply put his train away.

Doh!!! He got me!

Kids and their honesty is a blessing that I wish the world would have.

My son is so honest with me… that when I ask him if he wants to watch one of his TV shows… he tells me…

“I don’t think mommy will like it if I watch tv”

I could think of many more statements that my son says to me… But the one I love the most, is when he says:

“Daddy, I love you to infinity”

I’m so glad I moved back from Oahu.  It was killing me being away from my wife and baby.  Even though I’m broke ass, the time being with my family sure makes it all worthwhile.

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  1. Aloha Damon,

    Be there for your son and there is no greater wealth.


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