20th Annual Hawaii Artists Recycle Trash Art Show 2008 at EHCC Hilo, Hawaii

Prize winners shown here:


Believe It or Not… The Hawaiian Surfing Rat?

Just noticed this article out of the UK and here is the blog it’s from.

“Surfing Rat Rides Wave in Hawaii”

…Boomer Hodel, 14, claims this photo proves he has taught his rodent Grommet to perform the manoeuvre at a beach on the North Shore of Oahu…

I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen this youtube clip:


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Filipino Veterans Equity Bail Fails

Aging World War II Filipino veterans need to wait another year for their long-sought benefits.

Time has run out on the Filipino Veterans Equity Bill, which would have given lump-sum benefit payments to WWII Filipino veterans who fought alongside American forces.

Congress has adjourned without approving any form of the bill, disappointing those who believed they were very close to winning benefits for Filipinos veterans…

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IBEX Now About to Lift Off Into Space

I’ve been blogging… no one has been listening…

A small NASA spacecraft embarks on a two-year mission this weekend to give scientists their first view of the happenings at the edge of the solar system.

The Ibex probe, short for Interstellar Boundary Explorer, will study a chaotic region in space where the solar wind from the sun clashes with cold gases from interstellar space.

The solar wind, a stream of charged particles spewing from the sun at 1 million miles per hour, carves out a protective bubble around the solar system. This bubble known as the heliosphere shields against most dangerous cosmic radiation that would otherwise interfere with human spaceflight.

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IBEX Lands in Hawaii and Lifts Off Without a Whisper

I blogged that the IBEX would be landing in Hawaii soon almost a month ago here.

Well the IBEX has came and gone and not much was said about it.

So I’ll just copy and paste this story about it:

After mating to the Orbital Sciences L-1011 carrier aircraft on Oct. 6, the aircraft carrying the Pegasus XL rocket with IBEX departed Vandenberg Air Force Base Oct. 11.

After an overnight stop at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii, the ferry flight continued and arrived at the Reagan Test Site at Kwajalein Atoll in the South Pacific Oct. 12. The following day, an IBEX spacecraft state of health check was performed without problems.

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Today’s KO

I don’t know what to label this one other then “Ouch”


Dawson on TMT Project… “We have not been hearing a lot of ‘no’.”

Sandra Dawson, I met you the other night, and I’m not sure what you heard at the other meetings but what you state in the Advertiser today may be stretching things a bit.

Out of the first 10 or so testifiers I was there for, I heard 7 against and only 3 for.

I don’t understand how you can tell the Honolulu Advertiser the following:

“I have been really impressed by the thoughts and the eloquence of some of the comments,” said Sandra Dawson, TMT Observatory Corp. site manager.

We have not been hearing a lot of ‘no.’ What we have been hearing is: ‘If you come here, you need to do this,’ or, ‘If you’re going to go up there, have respect for the mountain.’ And that’s something we really want to demonstrate as good neighbors and good stewards.”

I also don’t understand the spin here of trying to divide this into 3 categories of:

…Much of the testimony has been divided roughly into three categories, with some saying the telescope should be built at the other potential site in the mountains of Chile, some welcoming the economic and academic addition to the Big Island, and others wanting no more structures on a volcanic mountain Native Hawaiians consider sacred…

So basically what you are saying… is 2/3 of the people don’t want it on Mauna Kea.

Those wanting no more structures on Mauna Kea… why don’t you just lump those with the ones that want it on Chile?

Trying to make it look like 33% / 33% /33% is just not true…. it’s actually 67% Against and 33 % for unscientifically.

But then again… if you look at my even more unscientific poll it would show people are for it ;)

Greenberg Features Pahoa on His Site

Peter Greenberg is a well known journalist.

He recently wrote about Pahoa, although the link he recommends doesn’t seem to be working:

…Pahoa on Hawaii’s Big Island boasts a truly green hostel, built from donated and recycled materials (you can work the organic farm and stay for free).

Some hostels even offer organized activities for kids, films related to environmental or social issues, and even private rooms for couples and families…

The Unofficial Polls: Update

The Unofficial Polls at the top of the page have been quiet of late.  They are still open to vote if you want.


Pilago leads Kenoi 51 votes to 23 votes for 67% of the votes

Safarik leads Naeole 25 votes to 20 votes for 56% of the votes

Blas Leads Hanohano 25 votes to 14 votes for 64% of the votes

Mauna Kea leads Chile in the TMT Poll 30 votes to 24 votes for 56% of the votes.

I would take these polls with a grain of salt but it is interesting to see where some of my readers stand on candidates and issues.

I sure will be glad when this whole election season gets over and I can just blog about things without pissing off people because they think I’m for one candidate or another.

With that said… “Angel Pilago” for Mayor!

You Know Your Child is Learning When You Hear This

Last night I was on the computer and my son was building his train set.  He wanted to show me something that he had made.

So he said… “Daddy look what I made”

And with out me even turning around to look at what he made I said “Oh wow Bubbs… It Looks good”

He instantly says… “Daddy… I need to see your eyes… You’re not paying attention”

So I turned around to look at what he had made… and he hadn’t made anything… he simply put his train away.

Doh!!! He got me!

Kids and their honesty is a blessing that I wish the world would have.

My son is so honest with me… that when I ask him if he wants to watch one of his TV shows… he tells me…

“I don’t think mommy will like it if I watch tv”

I could think of many more statements that my son says to me… But the one I love the most, is when he says:

“Daddy, I love you to infinity”

I’m so glad I moved back from Oahu.  It was killing me being away from my wife and baby.  Even though I’m broke ass, the time being with my family sure makes it all worthwhile.