UH Professor Maxwell Called Whistleblower by CNN: Oil Watchdog Agency ‘Cult of Corruption’

So you learn something new everyday.  We have a Government Whistle blower amongst us ;) according to CNN.

…”I believe the management we were under was showing favoritism to the oil industry,”  (Bobby) Maxwell told CNN.

Maxwell is referring to a tiny agency within the Department of the Interior called the Minerals Management Service, which manages the nation’s natural gas, oil and other mineral resources on federal lands…

…”They crossed a lot of lines that should never have been crossed,” he said. “They lost all objectivity.”

Maxwell was in charge of keeping track of the millions in royalty payments owed taxpayers by oil and gas companies who explored and found oil on U.S. government lands

He estimates he and his team were responsible for saving the government close to $500 million in royalties, either underpaid or somehow skipped by oil and gas companies, over the years…

…Just before he lost his job, he said, one of his superiors in Washington ordered him not to investigate why Shell Oil had raised its oil transportation costs. Maxwell said it jumped from 90 cents to $3 a barrel without adequate explanation. The government paid Shell to transport oil from offshore platforms.

When asked why a government worker would tell an auditor not to investigate, he said: “I believe it started from the top down,” he said…

Maxwell is now retired from the government and teaches at the University of Hawaii. He said it was just a matter of time until the agency’s behavior was exposed. He feels vindicated now in the wake of the inspector general’s report, but is still disgusted by what he was happening at the Minerals Management Service.

“Their job is to protect United States taxpayers’ interest. It’s like they completely forgot that, like they just became part of the oil companies,” he said.

The Interior Department said it could not comment on Maxwell’s specific allegations or removal, saying his former supervisor no longer works for the Interior Department either…

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  1. Hi,

    I love to get in touch with Professor Maxwell because what he knows and see is only the tip of the iceberg. I have information about corruption in the oil industry as to how they siphon millions and millions of dollars from the US government. I really do not know who or how to do this. Please email me. Thank you.

    Damon – Your welcome to write what you know under the comments on this blog.
    *update* Keene his email is maxwellb@hawaii.edu

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