New Product Being Developed and Tested in Hawaii to Protect Bees

Bees are a very important part to agriculture here in Hawaii and on the Big Island in particular.   If they were to be wiped out… the agriculture losses would be significant.  A Hawaii company has been working on ways to protect them and they may have found a product to do that.

…“We have been working with Beehive Hawaii since the spring of this year regarding a coating that would help protect bees in their hives,” explained Francesca Crolley, V.P. of Operations & Marketing for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. “Field trials with their own hives in multiple locations has indicated that our product has provided a successful solution for the colony collapse disorder which has been a crucial issue in the bee industry worldwide. Their successful results and commitment to helping us understand this important industry were instrumental in our decision to launch this new product, which is called Bee Protect…

The product is available directly from Industrial Nanotech, or through Beehive Hawaii, who will serve as our exclusive distributor and representative to the industry.”

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