Tribune Makes the Same Error I Blogged About Last Week from the Advertiser

I blogged about this Advertiser gaff last week considering the Census jobs.

It looks like the Tribune has the same gaff listed in Today’s Tribune.

Nobody is going to be able to reserve a seat if they keep printing the wrong number.

To reserve a seat for the examination, call 1-886-861-2010

The correct number is: 1-866-861-2010 and then after you call that they switch you to a California Switchboard at 818-717-6700 only to have you leave a message for them to call you back!

I can’t believe two major newspapers can get this correct.  It took me a whole 10 seconds to find the correct number. ;)

Hat Tip to Aaron for emailing me the URL.

2 Responses

  1. In D.C., there are 29 questions and you have to pass with 15 correct answers. There are scenarios, charts, street maps and Math questions. A bit boring to tell you the truth. If you fail, you can always take it again.

  2. I’m takine test now

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