More on Kato Kaelin in Hawaii: “Weenie Man-O-Logs”

Last week I blogged about Kato Kaelin doing the weather report on a local television station.

Starbulletin Columnist John Heckathorn has more on why Kato is actually in town:

…Kaelin is working, in Honolulu. He’s in a show called the “Weenie Man-O-Logs,” which runs Thursday through Sunday at Cirque Hawaii. Originally scheduled for five weeks, the show will have a run that depends on whether it finds a following, said producer Sandy Miano. “It’s really aimed at a sophisticated audience, like Vegas,” she says.

The “Weenie Man-O-Logs” is supposed to be a male version of the Eve Ensler’s Obie Award-winning play, the “Vagina Monologues…”

Here is a clip of the writer as well as Kato explaining what the “Weenie Man-O-Logs” is about: (after :15 second commercial)

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  1. To have Kato Kaelin explaining anything is a joke! Come to find out, this clip is OLD. Shouldn’t waste my time here.

    Damon – I’m trying to figure out what’s more funny… You calling this clip that I posted a long time ago old… or the fact that “Grama L” is searching for Kato videos with Weenies?

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