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Target Stores in Alaska “Prototypes”… I Wonder if Kona’s Will be Similar?

The Business Journal has an article about the new Target stores opening up in Alaska.  They are calling them “Prototype Stores”.  I wonder if the Kona Stores will look similar to these?

I myself have been into target stores in the past, and I can’t stand them.  The lighting scheme inside the store is just too much.  Bright RED Targets all over the place with RED everywhere you look.  I always considered them a rip off of K-Mart.

3 Responses

  1. I’ve worked a LOT of places that treated their employees like s***. In fact I’ve volunteered for things and been treated like s***. There are definitely sources at work that cause this treatment and those forces have probably has been the source of hundreds of dissertations on it by students who later got treated or treated others like s***. I’ve been surveyed at work by expensive consultants to determine just what it is that makes people feel they have been treated like s***, but the consultants were treated like gods. But I’ve gone off topic. Sorry. Won’t happen again.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target. “Tar-zjay” in “French.” Love it. They are a hundred times better than KMart. The Big Island needs a store like this. I predict a big hit, even though opening at a not-so-great time. From the looks of ours as it is being built it won’t be looking on the outside like those Alaska concept drawings.

    Yes they are red inside and that is definitely stressful, we’ll just have to wear our shades.

    Teens are going to go nuts when this store opens.

    Now, if we could only get a TJ–Maxx….

    a hui hou.

    Damon – Whoa… I actually worked at a TJ-Maxx…That’s a whole nother story… they treat their employees like s***

  3. Odd, I always preferred Target when shopping for basic housewares and supplies. Just a step above Wal-Mart and K-Mart in the quality of goods. Looking forward to the store in Kona.

    I hate Wal-Mart, the stuff was always the cheapest possible. I shopped at Wally World when I was moving into my house here on the island for a bunch of stuff I needed. The broom broke and the reading lamp I bought died with a loud arcing noise and a puff of electrical smoke as a shoddy connection burned out in the base.

    Damon – I used to live close to the Canadian Border. A joke we often said “What are the first three things a Canadian baby learns to say…. MAMMA, POPPA, and K-MART.
    Do they still have “Blue Light Specials”?

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