Poll For Favorite Response on Keaau Bypass Picture

I blogged about this picture a few days ago and asked for people to caption it.  Now it’s your chance to vote for the best response to this picture:

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The Coolest Entry Into the Ironman You Will Ever See… Navy Seals Add a Fourth Leg at the Beginning

3 members of the NAVY S.E.A.L’s were entered in the race and this how they started:


State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP): 2008 Survey

There is only five days left to take this survey for the 2008 SCORP plan.

…An update to the SCORP is required every five years for Hawai‘i to receive federal grant funds through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Program.  The primary goal of the SCORP is to identify outdoor recreation trends, demands, needs, and issues and develop a plan to meet the needs and resolve the issues.

Public input is critically important in developing an understanding the recreational trends and challenges for the state.  Your participation in the recreation user survey will help us determine the best way to use LWCF grant funds to meet Hawai‘i’s outdoor recreation needs.  By completing this survey, you will assist in determining public demand for outdoor recreation resources and facilities and identifying the most important recreation issues that the State and Counties need to address

Take the Survey Here

Australian Craig Alexander Wins the 2008 Kona Ironman

Australian Craig Alexander wins the 2008 Kona Ironman in  eight hours, 17 minutes and 45 seconds.  In his “rookie”  year last year he got 2nd.

Here is his interview just a day before today’s race.

He did seem calm, cool and collected.


Council Member Naeole Taking Up Two New Resolutions… Contra-flow and Waste Management Shift

I got this email from Tiffany Edwards Hunt regarding some up coming resolutions:

“…Emily has two resolutions being taken up at committee level in a
couple of weeks: one calling for a reversible lane on Hwy 130 and
another calling for the state to create legislation shifting the waste
management burden
to producers and manufacturers…”

I like the Contra flow idea a lot and think it could be done fairly rapidly and very easily.  I used to live on Kapiolani Blvd.  on Oahu, and it was contra-flowed M-F both in the mornings and evenings.

I’m interested to learn more about this Waste Management resolution.

I’m still also taking comments on the H-130 Project.

Big Island to be Part of Tempest Filming in November

The “brave new world” William Shakespeare imagined in his play “The Tempest” will look like Lanai and the Big Island in a major motion picture adaptation of the masterwork, set to begin filming in the islands in November…

…Three weeks of filming on Lanai are set for November, followed by two weeks on the Big Island, according to Brazier. She estimated that the project would bring more than $10 million into the state economy…

More Here

Hawaii MMA Fighter, Bryson Kamaka, Out of Tonights Fight for Testing Positive for Marijuana

Bryson Kamaka had a chance to become the IFL Welterweight Champion tonight but blew his shot with an unclean blood test that came up positive for Marijuana.

…A source has notified FiveOuncesOfPain.com that Bryson Kamaka has tested positive for marijuana and that the Nevada State Athletic Commission will not allow him to fight as scheduled vs. Jay Hieron during Saturday night’s “Night of Combat II” at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada…

I don’t know if Marijuana should be on the list of drugs banned.  I would think it would hamper a fighter more then help a fighter if anything.  I wonder if there are any MMA artists who have a State Permit for Medical Marijuana?

Today’s KO

Parents watch your children!


Sig Zane Final Day for 23rd Anniversary Sale

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, today is the last day of the Sig Zane sale:

Can’t make it in person? No worries. You can shop with us online at SigZane.com! Discount prices go into effect at 9:30am on Thursday morning. The best part about the online sale is that you can shop all day and all night, even in your pajamas! Sale ends at 4:00pm, Saturday, October 11th.

Giraffes Keep the Gate Closed

My Mighty Giraffes collected their first shut-out of the season.

I even had to pull my star Giraffe back for a while just so the other team would have somewhat of a chance.

Target Stores in Alaska “Prototypes”… I Wonder if Kona’s Will be Similar?

The Business Journal has an article about the new Target stores opening up in Alaska.  They are calling them “Prototype Stores”.  I wonder if the Kona Stores will look similar to these?

I myself have been into target stores in the past, and I can’t stand them.  The lighting scheme inside the store is just too much.  Bright RED Targets all over the place with RED everywhere you look.  I always considered them a rip off of K-Mart.

Meth Head Busted for Robbing Kona Convenience Store

Meth has really destroyed many lives.  I have a very addictive personality that I probably inherited from my parents.  I’m glad I have never tried Meth, as knowing me… I probabaly would have liked it and become addicted to it.

While I hate to throw the book at people and think most people that get busted for drugs should get treatment before prison, however, when they are out robbing stores and terrorizing people to get there fix, I say “Throw the book at them”.

Another Meth Head has been busted on the Big Island:

…At 9:45 p.m. Tuesday, Kona patrol officers responded to a reported robbery at a gas station and convenience store on Kuakini Highway. Upon arrival, they were told that a masked man holding a knife had demanded money from a cashier and then fled in his truck with an undisclosed amount of cash. A witness provided a description of the man and a license plate number of the truck…

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