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Despite GMO Testing on Papayas in Indonesia… Mealy Bug Discovered

GMO testing on Papaya has been happening in Indonesia.

Field Trials with GM Papaya 1991- 2008:

Probably in several Asian countries (China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines). Here work is in progress on developing GM papayas that are resistant to the viruses prevalent in the region.

Hawaii has the Mealy bug already.

Thanks to efforts by scientists in a Virginia Tech-led program, the papaya mealybug – an emerging threat from India to Indonesia – is being identified and contained. Attacks by the papaya mealybug are a serious threat. In Indonesia, India, countries in the Caribbean and South America, the Hawaiian Islands, and Florida, papaya means millions of dollars for farmers, middlemen, and processors. In West Java, the scourge has wiped out most of the papaya plantations…

Wiped out forest of Papaya trees in Indonesia

Wiped out forest of Papaya trees in Indonesia

…The papaya mealybug is a particularly devastating pest because it is polyphagous – it feeds on many things. The insect’s host range includes more than 60 species of plants: cassava, papaya, beans, eggplant, melons, hisbiscus, plumeria, pepper, sweet potato, tomato, citrus, mango, and sour sop…

More Here

From the Department of Agricultures website:

After a while, the host plants for rearing the mealybug was switched from potato sprouts and sweet potato plants, used by the USDA lab, to papaya plants in an attempt to increase host density and parasitoid production.

So I say that even with GMO Papayas are still just as vulnerable as Non-GMO Papayas to at least the Mealy Bug.  GMO in Hawaii was to help with Ring-Spot disease…what is going to happen when the GMO Papayas here on the island start getting attacked by the Mealy Bugs?

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