Caption This Keaau Bypass Funnel Picture For the State

Recently, the State gave all of the Advisors for the H-130 Advisory Task Force cameras to take pictures of things on H-130 that were of concern to us.

Yesterday, we received emails that they would like comments on the pictures.  I’ve already commented on most of the pictures but I figure this would be a good way for the public to actually be documented.

What I will do is post the picture here and allow you folks to make comments on the picture… funny captions… etc…  Then after I have received at least 5 or more comments, I’ll set up a poll to see which caption my readers like best and then I will submit this comment for this picture to the State to be documented in the “plan”.

Here is the picture of the Bypass “Squeeze” that I like to call it after Keaau High School so feel free to leave a comment as to what you think would be a good caption for the photo:

Here’s My Caption:

“I wish I was driving that cop car in the intersection… I’d hit the sirens and get through this B***S*** in no time.”

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  1. “Who’s on first?”

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