Big Island Video News Planning “Huge Update” Sometime Tonight?

I’ve been watching the Big Island Video News Blog on and off today waiting for the “Huge Update” mentioned below:

Big Island Video News is preparing a huge update that will serve the day’s news and video in a new way. Stay tuned… the update is expected to be online by Thursday!

Whatcha got up your sleeves Mr. Corrigan?

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  1. Damon,

    Hey, thanks for checking in. I’m working hard to get this update up. It won’t be out of this world, just a little different.

    I guess I should be careful using the word “huge”. I mean, its a huge undertaking for me, but it may seem minor to the visitors.

    I’m trying to organize the site so it can be broken down into regions (like Puna, for example) and visitors can check out news items particular to that region.

    This adjustment has been such a large undertaking that I’ve had trouble keeping up to date on the news. Once its all in place, I plan on hitting the field hard in a quest to bring the island some more news footage.

    Of course, all this hard work seems worth it when I see bloggers and fellow journalists like yourself are taking a look. I just hope I didn’t build it up too much. I guess my “huge update” mention was more of a “here is my excuse for falling behind in news video”.

    Should be ready soon!

    Damon – Just when I was thinking you were going to post the JFK Footage of who actually killed him ;)

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