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Poretsky With a Prostitute the Night He Was Murdered? The Mystery Lady Revealed

More on the Poretsky Murder

I just got this interesting comment left on my blog by “Luca”, and the email IP address does appear to be from Thailand.

It states:

I had some information about that girl that got the (the one in the photo) money from the murder , she does not wear a nurse uniform but a doghouse one…she is married , she has two kids and the thai husband used to take her to sell the body in the loi kroh (full moon bar)every evening…poor Gary , this woman is a volture !!!

According to John Le Fevre’s account on his blog:

…A woman who claimed she had been the girlfriend of Mr Poretsky and had known him several months earlier told the court in unsworn testimony that Mr Poretsky had planned to build a house for her and now she was left with a debt and couldn’t pay for building the house…

So here is the Mystery women Luca was talking about, and I believe that Mr. Poretsky may have been getting the round a bout by the lady… if she was a call girl as Luca above reports:

Photo Courtesy of John Le Fevre

So the question must be asked… Was Poretsky looking for a little piece of Nooky which lead to his death?

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing often leads to bad karma.

Former Big Island Weed Runner “Gonzo” Featured in Colorado Paper

I don’t know the guy personally, but I have heard of stories similar to the one that he talks about in todays “Summit Daily News”

Chris Gonzales, or “Gonzo” to most anyone who has known him…

In his words …

I moved here from Hawaii in ’89. I bought two acres of land on the Big Island when I was 17 and lived in the woods, basically, for five years. Camped. Slept in a hammock under a tarp, collected rainwater for drinking water, cooked on a Coleman stove. No electricity...

It was really hard to get ahead there. I did anything from farming ginger to, well, I moved there growing pot, of course. But that was before the whole war on drugs, Reagan’s war on drugs. I used to go to the airport with a big old backpack full of weed, and they’d go: “Oh, this is all you’re taking back, Gonzo?” “Yeah.” Fly into California, go hang out for like three months, and come back with all kinds of money

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How to Spend $23 Million in Two Months in Waikiki

It cost $23 million to build. But now, the stage of “Waikiki Nei” is dark. Friday night it had its final performance, at least until the holiday season. The two-month-old production that tells the history of Waikiki was not packing in the audiences. In September, average attendance was between 250 to 300 in a showroom that seats more than 700.


Today’s KO

You got to love a good cat fight:


Hawaii International Film Festival: The Trailer Video

Gerard Elmore is a great young film maker that I still haven’t had a chance to work with on any projects.

He has some great projects out there:  You can view alot of his work here

But what brings my post today, is his recent article in the StarBulletin and the recent work he did with Celebrities Jason Scott Lee and Kelly Hu.

I urge you all to go check out the trailer of the 2008 Hawaii International Film Festival Trailer starring Jason and Kelly.

Project Better Place Finally Makes Local News… I Still Think They Are In it for The Money

I Blogged about “Project Better Place” here a few weeks ago.

One of the comments left here by a representative of the company when I asked the question if Project Better Place was only in it for the money was:

If Better Place were only in it for the money, they would not come to the US at all. They will stay in Europe where gasoline is $10 gallon…

The reason DOE needs to intervene is the fact that the feds are underpricing the true cost of gasoline for the US economy

The Honolulu Advertiser finally has reported on this here in which they state:

“Better Place’s subscriber-based model borrows from the mobile-phone industry. The company does not manufacture or sell electric vehicles; that will be done by traditional automakers and car dealers.

Car owners would sign up with Better Place for a monthly plan providing recharge and battery exchange services for unlimited miles or other options such as pay-as-you-go.”

So what this tells me… is they are obviously in it for the money… Because the Mobile Phone Industry is pretty much all about making a dollar.