Kimbo Slice Draws Ratings on TV… AND My Blog!

I can’t believe that very shortly after I posted this post on my blog, that very shortly my blog got wind in the “cyber” world.

Within 30 minutes after I posted it… I had 800 + hits in less then 30 minutes.

Kimbo truly got his ass kicked tonight.  I don’t expect him to be getting much more chances at becoming a legitimate MMA superstar,  as he is only hype.

He is was a strictly street fighter that made it big by youtube fights.  The power of the internet shows that even a scrub can make a buck by getting his ass kicked.

Here it is again just to show you what a chump the buggah is:


This is where all the Hype from Kimbo comes from.  It is pretty much this one singular youtube video that made it’s rounds and others similar that made him famous:


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