What Happened With the TMT Supporters… Opinions Changing?

In my previous poll on the TMT about whether people are in favor of having the TMT on the Big Island, out of 24 votes cast so far 83% are in favor of it…  20 Votes for 3 Votes Against and 1 undecided.

Now that readers of my blog see that there is actually an option for the TMT to be located elsewhere besides Hawaii, the numbers are quite different on my most recent poll as to where it should be located, the results are much closer:

So far, 35 votes have been cast.  17 prefer Mauna Kea and 18 Prefer Chile,  just ONE vote from a dead heat.

I would imagine that these stats might even be a bit stretched since a few supporters of the TMT project have blogged about this poll to their readers on their blogs here and here, yet I haven’t read any bloggers that are against the TMT pointing towards my poll.

To me,  it makes it even more astonishing that people are either changing their mind on this project, or I just have a different set of readers participating in this poll compared to the first one.

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  1. Damon, with all due respect, you blog so much, I’m not at all surprised you get different people voting on different polls. My RSS feed only shows me the last 9 posts, and if I check here every couple of days I miss a lot of posts entirely. I never even saw the second poll.

    Damon – The Polls still remain open so your vote will still be counted. I guess you need to check back to my site more often ;) or at least check your RSS feed more often, or you can go to the calendar on my site and click on any day and it will show you all the posts for that day (5 per page) so you may need to look at the bottom of the page to get more of the blogs from that day.

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