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My Wifes Uncles Five Year Run on Hawaii Five-0

I used to get a lot of questions about my wifes uncle Gilbert Kauhi.

He played the role of Zulu on Hawaii Five-0 for about 5 seasons.

A lot of people wonder why he was fired from the show… The simple story I’ve been told over and over is that he just plain and simple didn’t like Jack Lord.


Gilbert (Zulu) Kauhi in Hawaii 5-0

And here is a 1996 Starbulletin article on the convention they had.

Many don’t realize this… but he is a “Punaboy” and was raised here on The Big Island.

3 Responses

  1. I, like many kids in the 70s, watched Hawaii 5-O. I liked that there were many on the cast who were local like many of us who watched it. I did not care too much for Jack Lord or his character because he was the haole trying to play the local. I used to go to swimming lessons at the YWCA across from the Iolani Palace where they used to film. I once got to see Jack Lord up close and got scared because he had so much pancake makeup on his face. He was not that friendly.

    I like the new Hawaii 5-O only because Alex O’Laughlin as eye candy and Kamekona (met him at the Aloha Stadium Flea Market when visiting from WA State & he said he went to Shelton HS for a year–my fast friend since then) used to live in WA and his niece and nephew played middle school sports against my kids. That’s about it. They DO NOT have many kama’ainas in key support roles.

    Where is Zulu today?

    • Zulu passed away nine years ago. My wife and I were with one of the canoes when we scattered his ashes off Waikiki at a public ceremony.

      I remember because the next week my son was born.

  2. Gibby & his family lived in Kalihi (on Palena St.) around 1950 thru 1956 or so. We were neighbors, along with the Cazimero family. Gibby’s nickname of Zulu sprang from a school play at Kalakaua Intermediate School where he portrayed Zulu the warrior king of Africa.

    Except for seeing Gibby once at the Kono Hawaii Restaurant in Santa Ana, CA in the early 60’s, I haven’t heard too much about his family. I thought Leslie lived in San Diego & Allen lived with his Mom. Haven’t heard much about Kalani except that he got married. My nickname during the Palena Street days was “Bones.” Gibby’s mom made the best haupia that I’ve ever had. Say hello to the Kauhi’s for me.

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