Counties Road Paving Projects Halted – A Part of Saddle Road to be Torn Up and Re-Paved?

I don’t know how I didn’t catch wind of this:

…All county paving projects were halted on Sept. 3 after the Highways Division determined a material called SS-1 tackcoat being supplied by Keaau firm HMP Inc. may not meet county specifications.

The material was used to pave a 1.5-mile section of Saddle Road recently, between mile marker 41.5 and mile marker 43, but it’s unclear whether that portion of road will have to be torn up and re-paved

…According to information from Public Works spokeswoman Noelani Whittington, road projects that have been delayed because of potentially unacceptable tackcoat material include repaving work along Nanawale Boulevard in Nanawale Estates and north Puni Mauka Street in the Hawaiian Beaches subdivision.

Other projects that will be delayed include the paving of a pedestrian and bicycle lane on the mauka side of Alii Drive between Kamehameha III Road and Kaleiopapa Road, and paving of a portion of Ochiro Road in Hamakua, according to Whittington...

More Here

I’m sure the Konablog probably has this on his blog somewhere, I probabaly just missed it.

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