Todays Random Meet-Up

I was a chaperone today for a field trip my son had with his school.

As we were riding the school bus into Hilo, this lady and I start talking about traffic on Highway 130 and how it’s so nice when were not driving.  She then starts going into how bad the traffic is…and this and that … and finally I just had to say… Excuse me… I’m on the H-130 Advisory Board and I’ve been hearing this for awhile.

So we keep on talking for awhile… as it turns out, I was talking to former Council Candidate Brian Jordan’s Wife, Kim Jordan.

She talked about Hunters Blog quite a bit, so of course I had to plug my own blog to her.

Who knows if she’s reading this…but I’d just like to say aloha to you if you are now.

I see where Brian Jordan get’s his enthusiasm from… it’s always the lady behind the man!

Aloha Kim Jordan… was nice talking with you, although I have come down on your husband for a few of his online statements he’s made in the past.

Funniest comment you made… “It sounds like you grew up like Obama”… Well Kim…that’s Hillarious… the closest thing Obama and I have… is that my mom attended Punahou.

Nice to meet you…


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