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Interesting TMT Comment By Big Island Farmer Richard Ha

I have the upmost respect for Big Island Farmer Richard Ha.  His farm has provided Big Island and Hawaii residents food for generations.

Recently he made a comment on Punaweb that tells me that he may be sitting on the fence about the whole TMT project.

…The People on the Kanaka council were very eloquent.  They made clear that if the total benefit to the community was the discover of stars etc. then it could just as easily be seen from Chile.  And they would be happy if the TMT just Went to Chile…

They were emphatic in their feeling that the benefits of the TMT must extend to future generations or it would be irrelevant. They said that they could not live with themselves if this was not the case.  I just sat their listening to them.

I realized that what they were saying is exactly what I believed in. If the benefits do not extend to future generations then it does not need to be located on Mauna Kea…

While I’m only highlighting what was said in this thread on Punaweb…(As he is in support of the TMT project… I just wanted to highlight this comment)

It does tell me that even some of the strongest supporters of the TMT project do have some reservations about it.

I’m still really up in the air about this project.  I do see some short term economic development with the project… but the long  term effects of it could be more damaging for the the island then positive.

This island is deprived of a lot of things…  I know that change is happening so I don’t want people to think I’m stuck in the old ways… and I certainly don’t want people to think I’m Hawaiian because of my beliefs personally as I’m not Hawaiian and I do see the cultural indifference’s first hand.

I commissioned an unofficial poll and I see that the majority of my readers are in favor of the TMT project… 83% to 13% so obviously I’m not seeing everything that the readers of my blog are.

I wish some of the readers would make comments here so I could understand why they are for or against the project.

4 Responses

  1. Damon, who can argue with a feeling. Hell, I get a queasy feeling looking at all the big hotels on the Kohala coast in their little landscaped pockets. But I’m not going to argue that they are bad for the island because of my feeling.

    I work for a telescope so obviously I am biased, but I think they are beautiful. You go up there, and drive round the switchback and catch the first view – they look like a pearl lei. And while I am not Hawaiian and don’t pretend to understand all their legends, I know in the last 25 years the island has been rocked by really bad earthquakes (not to mention the eruption of Mauna Loa) and my telescope has never been damaged. Makes me feel Madames Pele and Poliahu don’t mind as much as people think, eh?

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