“When Coaches Cross the Line” Guy Enriques Relationship w/ Volleyball Player at OSU

Someone alerted me to this New York Times Article.  I kind of tend to believe the New York Times when it comes to things.  Guy Enriques has already been elected to replace Jacobson and I wonder if things might have been a bit different had voters known this.

…Guy Enriques, a coach of the Oregon State women’s volleyball team, resigned after the team confronted him and accused him of having an affair with one of the players…

According to Guy’s own website:

…He coached at Oregon State University…

Things that make you go hmm?

I just noticed that the June Jones/Lily Kahumoku Poll is showing 69% of my readers think Coach Jones Inpregnated Lily.


Aaron Stene has now pointed me in the direction that this should go and I hope Enriques and his wife are living happily.

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  1. http://www.impeachguyenriques.info/html/der_athletic_sex_fuhrer.html

    Der Athletic Sex Fuhrer in the book titled “The Stronger Women Get, The More Men Love Football” by Mariah Burton Nelson ISBN 0-15-181393-0 Chapter 8 titled “My Coach Says He Loves Me” I scanned in pages 159 and 160 below for you to read Guy Enriques admits to having an affair with one of the girls he was coaching.

    More disturbing, is that Coach Enriques, also coached this girl in high school when he coached at Gresham High School in Oregon. When Coach Enriques moved to Oregon State University he brought this girl with him and in fact, according to the Oregon State University yearbook, she obtained a “full-ride” scholarship to Oregon State University.

    The writer of “The Stronger Women Get, The More Men Love Football” is Mariah Burton who is a renowned sportswriter. In her book she describes how her coach initiated a sexual affair when she was 14 years old. I think that any one reading the book has to ask themselves, “Why would she highlight Guy Enriques in her book when there are scores of stories about coaches having affairs with their team members?” One interpretation would be that the author was told by the team members that they knew or suspected that Coach Enriques had inititated inappropriate sexual activity with this student prior to her coming to college, and in fact brought her to OSU to CONTINUE a relationship that had started in high school. The age for consensual sexual relations in Oregon is 18. Therefore any relationships before 18 would have been a CRIME. Perhaps Ms Burton and the team members were leery of being sued for defamation if they accused Mr. Enriques of a crime, even though they were fairly sure he had committed many crimes.

    Also, why did Mr. Enriques resign so quickly if he felt he had committed no crime?

    Some of Mr. Enriques defenders have excused him by indicating that he married the girl in question (after divorcing his then current wife of course, We are not accusing Mr. Enriques of bigamy). In similar cases involving underage girls the sexual predator coaches married the girl to prevent her from being forced to testify against him.

    I certainly would not want to send my daughter to that school that allows that kind of activity between coach and player.

    Also in the two pages from that book below it describes Enriques’ truth manipulating technique in good detail. please click here for a Hawaii Tribune Herald article dated May 6, 2010 page A6 written by Peter Sur that Enriques Declaimed Authorship (that is Big English to deny writing the legislation) of his water bill to not only restrict public water but to include fines up to $1,000 or 30 days in jail. This newspaper article indicates that Enriques simply thinks he can lie his way out of his problems but now we are finding out just who he really is.

  2. Enriques is a letch, a liar who is working for big $ developers. He should never be in office and should be removed ASAP

    • Guy Enriques is a proven crook who get his boto in young girls and his hand in big developer’s pocket. Good that this is coming out, although the informants are harassed and beaten up for it. We all need to speak out and speak out loudly!! Make your votes count and vote the crooks out! The only council people who should remain are Ford and Yagong.

  3. this is so not true!
    i met this guy and he is the coolest guy ever! and never would have an affair with one of the players he loves the sport and his kids and WIFE every much!

  4. http://www.bigislandweekly.com/articles/2008/03/19/read/news/news02.txt

    Andrew Walden wrote on Mar 19, 2008 6:45 PM:
    ” This is a smear.
    The woman with whom Guy is alleged to have had ‘an affair’ is HIS WIFE!
    This is truly a new low for Kubat.
    Lets see if you post this or not. ”

    Damon – Thanks for pointing this out to me, Aaron.

    I did not read this previous article.

    • He HAD to marry her to keep her quiet as he would go to jail for having sex with a minor. 14 years old!!?? Come on Guy, at least wait until she’s at least 18. Slime!

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