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Howard Dicus on KGMB’s Coverage of Angel Pilago

Howard Dicus explains to his readers why Angel Pilago was not featured more on the night of the Primary Elections here.

…What happened on primary night was very simple. The top vote getter was in Hilo and the second-running finisher was in Kona. It wasn’t physically possible to be in two places at one time. We didn’t even have the option of cutting out early and racing across on the Saddle Road because in the first round of ballots Lorraine Inouye was in second place. We wound up having to cover Angel Pilago the following day…

…But as you might guess our resources are not infinite and our planners are not omniscient. In covering Angel, the devil was in the details. But nobody did it on purpose…

Well I hope the station plans on having two crews on the Big Island come November 4.

I’d also suggest your most trained crew to be covering the Pilago side… as he will be the next Big Island Mayor.

P.S. I wasn’t one of those sending him an email about this.

One Response

  1. So, what, Damon, you pull my comments off your site when you don’t like the direction the discussion is going?

    Be a man, not a wuss.

    Damon – To some, Angel may seem like a candidate, to me… he is a friend of the family and has worked with my ohana personally. Ask yourself… If you had a friend, would you let other people write stink about them on your blog?

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