Complete List of the 25 H-130 Advisory Group Members


Larry Brown – Project Manager for PRCP and PCDP

Tom Brown – Mass Transit Agency

Faye Hanohano – 4th Representative District

Emily Naeole – Council Member, District 5

Roy Takemoto – Executive Assitant

Bill Davis – DHHL

Fred Blas – Candidate 4th District House Seat

Susan Cordel – Paradise Park Resident

Dan Domizio – Puna Community Medical Center

Neil Erickson – Architect, Planner, Community Service Member, and Cyclist

Oliver English – Board Member of W.H. Shipman, Limited

Lorraine Godoy – Program Manager for Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council

Elizabeth Salfen – PMAR Working Committee & PCDP Community Liaison and Weed and Seed

Paula Kekahuna – Mauku’u Farmer’s Market Association

Frank Lawrence – C&F Trucking and President of the Hawaii Transportation Association (HTA)

Manny Mattos – Resident & Retired Police Officer

Jon Olson – Puna Traffic Safety Committee & PCDP Chairman & Sierra Club Big Island Chapter, Moku Loa Group

Wesley Owens – VP of Orchidland Assoication and Cyclist

Jennifer Perry – Resident and AGriculture Community Representative

Damon Tucker – Blogger, Parent and Concerned Citizen

Dina Lau – HDOT

Nelson Sagum – HDOT

Malcom Saxby – Not present at first meeting

Kehaulani Costa – Not present at first meeting

Mark Kunzer – Not Present at first meeting

Hunter Bishop, Mayors Office (Added in middle of project)

Keaau-Pahoa Road Quick-Fix Committee:

Robart Taira, HWY-HE

Francis Perez, HWY-HE

Dina Lau, HWY-PA

Robert Sun, HWY-DD

Karl Kunishige, HWY-TD

A Prayer for Michael Marzi

Former House District 4 Candidate Anthony Marzi’s brother, Michael, has been in the hospital for the last couple weeks and is facing an uphill battle.

I guess there is some good things that come about by losing an election, and that is that Anthony Marzi will now be able to spend more time with his ohana as they do their best to help Michael in his recovery.

I’m not a real religious person, but those who are… please pray for Michael Marzi’s recovery… as I will.

“…I am spending as much time as possible with my brother Michael. He has been in the hospital for the last two weeks and we do not know how much time he has left. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as I see difficult times for the family in the very near future” Anthony Marzi

World’s Most Expensive Bottled Water Comes From Hawaii

I thought that Mahalo Water was expensive… I found something even more expensive here in Hawaii…

The world’s most expensive bottled water is Kana Nigari from Hawaii. It costs £15 for a 2oz bottle – or £255 a litre.

Maui House is Actually an Essay Contest… Not Raffle

I wrote a blog earlier about a Maui House that is on the blocks.

Julie Swigart made the following comment regarding the post… so I thought I would post her comment here for clarification purposes:

“The contest DOES NOT BEGIN until this Thursday, and it is NOT a raffle. It is an essay contest as raffles are considered gambling and is illegal in Hawaii. The basic details can be found on the site and it is legit. We are currently making sure all legalities and details are complete, including judging panel and further details about how the contest will be conducted. No money will be accepted until all of the details are posted.”

Hawaii 130 Project

We had another meeting tonight.

Interesting meeting.

At one point in the meeting… I mentioned that I hope there is not frivolous spending… as I was holding my ball point pen that had the name of the project on it.

This project is not even considering alternate routes at this point.  That is part of the PMAR.

Of note something that will be happening soon. The Shoulder lane that is used in the mornings from 6-8 AM are going to be opened up for 24 hour usage.

There are some Quick Fixes that are currently being looked at:

1. Speed Limits
2. Striping
3. Left-Turn Acceleration Pockets
4. Bus Stops
5. Traffic Signal at Kea’au Pahoa Road/Kapoho Road…(signal complaints on timing)
6. Signing/Striping Improvement oat Kahakai Blvd.
7. Traffic Congestion at Keaa’au Bypass Road Junction
8. Pedestrian Cross Walks
9. Flashing Warning Light at Route 130/Old Pahoa Road Intersection.

If you want further details on any of these… I can expand a bit.

Japan to Use Missile to Shoot Down Missile Over Hawaiian Waters

Japan is planning a ballistic missile defense test in cooperation with the United States in November, the Defense Ministry said on Monday, as fears rise over North Korea’s plans to restore its main atomic complex…

…Japanese navy personnel aboard the newly upgraded destroyer Chokai will use an SM-3 missile to try to shoot down a dummy ballistic missile in space over the Pacific near Hawaii,  Japan’s Defense Ministry said on Monday…

More Here

I just wonder why Japan can’t do the testing closer to Japan?

Hawaii Navy Commander Pleads Guilty to Child Porn

A Navy commander in Hawaii pleaded guilty last week to one count of possession of child pornography.

Cmdr. James Mattingly, 38, will be sentenced in federal court on Jan. 20, 2009. A federal grand jury in June indicted Mattingly of the single count, alleging that on Dec. 12, 2007, he “did knowingly possess matters, including various computer media and hard drives, which contained visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.” He was released on $25,000 bond, according to court information with the U.S. District Court in Honolulu…

More Here

Hawaiian Cane Toads Killing off Australias Crocs

Here in Hawaii we are always worried about invasive species.

Back in 1935, Hawaiian Cane toads were exported to Australia to try and eliminate small beetles.

Instead, they are eliminating the Alligators.  We should think about stories like this when were thinking about using pests to eradicate Strawberry Guava:

Who would have thought a humble toad could end up as the killer of one of the world’s most fearsome creatures, the crocodile? It all started off so innocently, too.

Introduced to Australia in 1935 from Hawaii, the cane toad, which is native to Central and South America, was supposed to kill off the scarab beetles that were decimating Australian sugarcane crops. Unfortunately, the toads failed to go after the beetles and decided to multiply at a very fast rate instead (they can lay between 8,000 and 30,000 eggs in one go) ending up as another pest the Australians were keen to see the back of.

According to the Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage (DEH), the cane toad “expanded through Australia’s northern landscape at 27-50 kilometers a year” and is now heading south at a rate of 1.3 kilometers a year.

Cane toads not only eat pretty much anything that can fit in their mouths, but as of yet, no known predators or diseases have been identified that can take them on. The problem is that they are extremely toxic, with the DEH stating “almost anything that eats the toad dies rapidly from heart failure”. And that includes crocodiles. According to the University of Sydney, crocodile populations that have come across these new pests have been dropping like flies, in some places by as much as 77 percent…

More Here with the mongoose problem also noted.

Imiloa Astronomy Center Free Admission on Saturday, Sept. 27

The Imiloa Astronomyl Center will be allowing visitors free admission this Saturday.

More info here

Maui House Being Raffled Off for $100.00 Per Ticket???

I just ran across this interesting link.  I wonder if it’s legit or someone just trying to make a quick buck?

For $100.00 you can have a chance to Win A Maui Home .

There are actually two homes on the property! A Main house and a small guest house. The property has been appraised at least $649,000. Two years ago, the fair market price was approximately $860,000.

Main house:

  • 6 bedrooms/4 bathrooms (includes master bath)
  • 2400 square feet living space
  • Large 8,282 square foot lot
  • High vaulted cathedral ceiling
  • Renovated in 2004/2006
  • All New fixtures, many newer appliances, including 2 new hot water heaters, stove, refrigerator, brand new plumbing in both the guest bath and the master bath.
  • Additionally – a separate “studio apartment” with two entrances, private bath (jacuzzi tub) and huge closets. A perfect “mother-in-law” space for visiting relatives.

Detached Cottage (Ohana):

  • 2 bedrooms/1 bathroom
  • 500 square feet living area
  • interior renovated in 2004

Located in Hale Pi’ilani neighborhood in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii and was built in 1984 and extended in 1999. Ideal for an extended family or use as an investment property and can be rented for up to $5,000 per month between the main house and the detached Ohana cottage.

The owners have done extensive renovations to the inside of the house and cottage. The cottage interior was completely renovated in 2004 including a new kitchen with cabinets, refrigerator, sink, bathroom vanity, and new flooring throughout.

More info Here

Senator Inouye on Witness List for Senator Ted Stevens Trial

A witness list read to potential jurors Monday morning suggested that a bevy of Sen. Ted Stevens’ high-profile Senate colleagues will testify in his corruption trial.

The witness include his longtime friend and fellow World War II veteran, Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, and three other Senate peers: Democrat Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Republican Orrin Hatch of Utah and Democrat Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is also on the list. It wasn’t clear Monday whether the men are witnesses for the defense or the prosecution.

More Here

Safarik and Naeole Dead Even

After day one on my unscientific polls, Safarik and Naeole are dead even.

This should be an interesting race as November 4th approaches.

OfficeMax to Surprise These Hawaii Schools with Gifts

…Educators nationwide will now wait in anticipation to see if they have been selected for a surprise visit from their local OfficeMax as the company distributes approximately $1.5 million worth of classroom supplies in surprise school visits throughout the day…

…The surprise in-school ceremonies are part of the office supply retailer’s campaign to eliminate teacher-funded classrooms, especially during this time of extra economic burden on school districts across the nation. According to national studies conducted by the National Education Association, teachers spend nearly $1,200 out of their own pockets each year for basic classroom supplies — adding up, nationally, to about $4 billion a year. In a move to provide some economic relief to teachers, hundreds of OfficeMax associates — working behind-the-scenes with local school principals to ensure the element of surprise — will honor these teachers with donations of much-needed school supplies…

These Hawaii Schools should expect a visit soon:

Aiea          Aiea Elementary School
Hilo          Waiakea Intermediate School, Waiakeawaena
              Elementary School
Honolulu      Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Kaewai Elementary School,
              Kaiulani Elementary School
Kaneohe       Puohala Elementary School
Lahaina       Kamehameha Iii Elementary School
Makawao       Pukalani Elementary School
Pearl City    Lehua Elementary School
Wailuku       Iao Intermediate School
Waipahu       Ahrens Elementary School
Waipahu       Waipahu Elementary School

More info here

Hamakua Farms Looking to Move Away From Plastic Containers for the Good of the Environment

Big Island Farmer Richard Ha mentioned on Punaweb that he is looking to move towards more environmental friendly packaging for his bubble packages that contain the pint size tomatoes after I asked him why there was no recycling emblem on the packaging.

…We are looking into a netted bag to replace that plastic clamshell

As we look towards more environmentally friendly packaging, I’m glad that Hamakua Farms is supportive of this initiative.