Mahalo Candidates Gumapac, Joseph, Marzi, Sparks, Inouye and All Others that Made a Point to Get Involved

You folks all ran great campaigns.  I hope you will continue to be active in the community.

I’ve learned a lot from all of you and I hope we can continue efforts to build Puna into a better communtiy for all of us.

2010 is just around the corner.


Damon Tucker

P.S. Edit update…

Lorraine I have already said much mahalos to you personally, here and here.

I will be forever thankful for your personal attention to my mom during her times of hardship.

I know that you will be successful with whatever your future endeavors lie.

Pilago Takes Early Lead in New Polls

Of course I’m excited that Angel has moved on to the general election.

I noticed that Angel has once again jumped to a quick lead in my NEW Unofficial General Election Polls.

I guess I don’t have very many Kenoi readers… as Pilago DOMINATED my last poll 161 votes for Pilago and only 49 for Kenoi.

I guess will see how this one turn’s out.

Jack Johnson Builds Solar Powered Studio

Jack Johnson has really brought a lot of attention to Hawaii and living harmonically with the land with his annual Kokua Festival as well as many other things that he participates in.

I just learned he’s lessoning the carbon footprint himself by building a Solar-Powered Studio.

…After seeing Neil Young and Willie Nelson power their buses with biofuel, Johnson decided to take it to the next level, and he built a solar-powered studio and began using his rock star leverage to demand a carbon-neutral tour.

More Here


Sailor Dies on Nuclear Submarine Off of Oahu

A sailor has died aboard the nuclear-powered Navy submarine USS Nebraska off the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Few details were released on the death, which occurred Saturday and was described as accidental in a Navy news release Sunday night.

Lt. Kyle A. Raines said in an interview the crew member was mortally injured while the sub was beneath the surface of the ocean. He was given emergency medical treatment on board the sub and was placed on a medical helicopter. but Raines says he died before reaching a hospital.

Raines says there was no indication that a mechanical problem or malfunction was involved, nor was anyone else injured.

The 560-foot Nebraska, one of the Trident submarines that can carry nuclear missiles, is based at Bangor on Hood Canal.

Hilo Fighter Sugar Shane Nelson to Premier on Ultimate Fighter 8 THIS Wednesday

I mentioned last month that Hilo Boy “Sugar” Shane Nelson is going to be fighting on Ultimate Fighter 8.

He will premier next Wednesday on Spike TV.


If you tuned in to the debut episode of the new season of the Ultimate Fighter reality show to see “Sugar” Shane Nelson, you’re probably bummed out.

Only half of the 16 fights to earn a spot in the house were aired this week. Nelson will be a part of the other half that will air next Wednesday at the same time…

More Here

Blas Supporters Switched Vote at Primary in an Attempt to Throw House Race District 4

I have now read of two confirmed reports of Blas supporters that switched to the Democratic ticket just so they could vote against Hanohano.

I think this is ridiculous, however, it’s a free country and you can do what you want to do.

I think this shows just how strong Hanohano’s popularity is.

She wasn’t just going against Marzi and Sparks… She was going against the Blas voters that were trying to toss the election…Since they new their candidate was already in the door since no one was running against him in the primaries.

A pretty sneaky thing to do… but whatever, Hanohano survived and most likely w/ Obama on the Democratic Ticket, will also pick up more democratic votes in the General Election.

Here is the first comment I read:

“Do not count the low turnout on the Republican side as negative toward Fred Blas.

At least in my case, I had to vote Democratic, as I wanted to cast a ballot against Ms. Hanohano. I know of other similar cases.

I believe there will be a much closer margin between the two in the general election.”

Here is a more recent comment:

“why do you say “tried to toss”?

that is implying more then you can know.

Had I wanted Fred to go up against the weakest candidate, I would have voted for Hanohano. Did you ever think that maybe people want to vote so that the we can chose between the best and brightest?”

Why do I say “Toss”… Because you didn’t vote for the candidate that you will choose in the General Election one way or the other.

You simply tried to put someone else in as a candidate  that you thought Blas would have an easier time winning against later on down the road.

Richard Ha… Upcoming on PBS

I just noticed from Leslie Wilcox’s Blog that Big Island Farmer Richard Ha will be on an upcoming episode of “Long Story Short” on PBS.

I’ll let you know more when I found out the exact date.

…Upcoming guests include entertainers  and Hawaiian cultural treasures Emma Veary and Keola Beamer, both now Maui residents, Hawaii Island visionary farmer and sustainability advocate Richard Ha,  Honolulu biocellular product-developer  Dr.  Hank Wuh, and Kauai’s farmer/musician/songwriter/academic/author  Carlos Andrade…

More Here

P.S. I also noticed that he just posted his first post on Punaweb

General Election Polls

The General Election Polls have now been posted.

You may click here to get to them or click at the top right on my homepage.