Effing Crazy Ass Neighbors!

Domestic abuse is something that sucks.

My neighbors like to fight a lot, and I’ve been told by my wife that calling the cops doesn’t do anything.

Well they were fighting tonight… and I didn’t even have to make a call… the cops showed up!

I don’t know what happened… and I’m not really gonna go into much details of what I saw, however, domestic abuse sucks…  If a man ever hits a woman in front of me… they better be prepared for me to start video taping with my cell phone or something!

I thought they had moved away… but I guess they are back!

Everyone tends to have that effing neighbor somewhere in their neighborhood… mine happens to be right next door.

One Response

  1. They would pay more attention to you if you were fighting chickens or dogs. But if you beat up a family member, well, that’s a private issue. Sounds stupid and it is stupid that abusers aren’t locked up.

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