Something that PISSES ME OFF!

I know doctors have a hard time making ends meet here in Hawaii, I just wish they would inform their patients of their intent to close their practice and/or move to the mainland.

This is the second time this has happened to me.

On Oahu, I was seeing a dentist for about 6 years, one day I get a call from “His” office reminding me of my check up the next day.  I go into the office, check in and wait… a new dentist comes out to inform me that my previous dentist has sold his practice to this new dentist.

I go on with my check-up and I just don’t get a good vibe from this dentist, however, I felt compelled to stay with him just to give him a chance.  The first time he did something other then a check-up, I believe it was fill a cavity… I just hated him… he was terrible.  I then went on a quest to find a new dentist.

Now that I have moved back to the Big Island, I love my current dentist.

Here’s my second story, though and it just happened today.  Last week we get a call from my child’s pediatrician reminding us of his 4 year check-up…  I arrive at the office today… Same thing happened, my son’s pediatrician just up and left for Colorado and sold her practice to a new guy.  We really liked this previous pediatrician and now this new doctor comes in with no knowledge of my childs background and it’s like starting from ground zero again.  (At least this new pediatrician is better then the Dentist I had on Oahu)

I just don’t think it’s very acceptable for doctors to just up and leave their patients like this, and it PISSES ME OFF!


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  1. It was exactly that, small print on the inside page of a supplementary section.

  2. Ah. We have the same paediatrician. I agree, that was really poor. There was a very brief ad in the middle of the Trib on one day in August saying “Dr B’s records will be transferred to Dr M as of Sep 1st” – clearly a legally mandated notice. No mahalo, nothing.

    A letter to patients saying goodbye and introducing the new guy should have been sent. It’s not like they don’t know our address, the bills always found us ok :-).

    For what it’s worth, the new guy seems okay, and the old one wasn’t perfect, so we’re going to stick with the practice.

    Damon – I guess I missed the notice in the paper… must have been in small print or something.

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