HSTA in Negotiations With BOE…but Doesn’t Want to Piss off a Member? That’s What BOE Candidate Walsh Says

I received the following comment from Board of Education Candidate Patrick Walsh:

…The HSTA union only interviewed the incumbent and myself. I am not clear as to why they did not consider the other two challengers. After a two week delay it was decided that they would wait until after the primary to announce their endorsement . I questioned the HSTA and was told that they were in negotiations with the BoE and they didn’t want to further upset a “certain member”

I’m curious about these negotiations, as well as why the HSTA would be focusing their attention to a “Certain Member”..

If Mr. Walsh truly wants to expand on this… I hope he will, as he is advocating for open government and he can prove that right here by expanding on what he knows about this situation.

I don’t like posting stuff that I can’t really verify… So I hope Mr. Walsh will at least expand upon which “Certain Member” and what exactly they may be in negotiations about.

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  1. Damon,
    I really don’t have any more first hand information. I am primarily motivated to run for Board of Education so as to bring more openness and transperency in the pubic education system.

    I certainly would like to be able to provide more information. I don’t want to speculate. I am more then happy to describe the experience of the union endorsement process.

    As it happens there was a remark made by the HSTA president Roger Takabayashi on a Hawaii NPR show I was invited to join two days ago that blew doors off the “official” HSTA decision on the BoE primary candidate endorsement.

    This is the first time I am running for an elected government position. The process of getting a union endorsement is like walking a tight rope in the dark. I myself choose to stay on terra firma

    I will be more then happy to expand on the first hand information I have with you. Let me know.


    Patrick M. Walsh
    Candidate for Board of Education

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