Cardiologist Responds to “A health care epidemic is wiping out the native population…”

Last night I wrote a blog about a Cardiologist that is on assignment here.

This is an email he just sent me:

Hello, Damon. i am the author of the blog you commented on. i tried to send you a comment but dont think it went through. at the risk of repeating myself: i am sorry this struck a nerve for you . i have been here a week and see the carnage around me. this was supposed to be a lament about the situation. i wish i could find the cultural key that would turn people around. as someone who has spent his career doing preventative medicine, this tragedy is depressing. tom sbarra

It is a touchy subject, I just felt your article was pretty harsh in general.  I understand the truth hurts, however, sensitivity in a public paper towards the people of “Polynesia” probably wouldn’t have made the article touch a nerve the way it did.

Keep up the continued good work and I hope you find a solution to this problem.

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