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Cardiologist: “A health care epidemic is wiping out the native population…”

I just noticed this blog from Cape Cod Today.

This mainland cardiologist that is lucky to be working here writes:

“…Hawaiians are dying in droves…

…65% of Polynesians here are overweight and 35% are half again as big as healthy adults ought to be. Added to this, it seems that Polynesian people are genetically more prone to diabetes and once in the toxic and ubiquitous American food environment where physical labor is no longer needed and exercise is an anathema (there is not even a word in most Polynesian languages for exercise!) the weight piles on and high blood pressure and diabetes follow, accompanied by heart disease and stroke…

…A health care epidemic is wiping out the native population as surely as small pox and flu wiped out American native people in the last few centuries.  It used to be infectious diseases, now it’s the western food and lifestyle that is killing native people.”

It’s an interesting read, however, for some reason the article strikes a bit of nerve in me for some reason.

2 Responses

  1. I have to agree with Doctor. I have never in my life or travels seen so many obese people in my life! My girlfriend has a bit of a weight problem and has high blood pressure, diabetes is next. What amazes me is that they just do not care! She goes ahead buying fatty snacks, and realizes she has a weight problem and potential health problem, but her attitude is “IF YOU WANT SOME ANOREXIC MODEL, Thats not me!”The kids walking around are so huge that they can barely walk! What are the parents saying to their kids? NOTHING! They too are overweight and it seems like it is an accepted cultural thing to be overweight. If you go to a local supermarket you will see that majority of customers are all overweight and what they buy is astounding! Chiops, ice cream, fatty sausage, loads of fatty meats! Pork, Pork, Pork! Soda too and of course beer!
    What puzzles me more is that recently I heard a study that said the population of Hawaii is healthy? How is that?
    Yes I do believe Hawaii is dying. Take a look around and open your eyes. The local folk are HUGE!

  2. Natural selection. We simply aren’t built for a Western diet. I just wonder how long it took Dr. Sbarra to realize this.

    The number of members in my family under 40 with diabetes is unbelievable.

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