Kamakoa Scaled Back

I don’t live on the Kona side of the island and I only briefly scan the West Hawaii Today Newspaper.

Aaron Stene made a comment on my blog that pretty much shuts me up on this whole Kamakoa project thing.

I see now from reading the article that he commented about, that the Kamakoa Project has been scaled back.

In the article, Craig Dougall wrote:

“Even well qualified candidates for Kamakoa at Waikoloa are adopting a wait-and-see attitude toward major purchases,” Dougall wrote in a letter to housing managers. “Overall economic indicators do not yet suggest an end to the current recession, which has been particularly severe on the housing markets.”

Craig Dougall, chief executive officer of the workforce housing, did make an interesting comment on my blog the other day:

…It becomes a government decision whether to address this imbalance, in order to support those workers who are now faced with inordinately long commutes from areas of more affordable housing, to their employment…

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