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Endorsing Patrick Walsh for the Board of Education

Despite my indifferences with a local rag paper that Mr. Walsh occasionally writes for, I’m throwing my endorsement to Mr. Patrick Walsh for the Big Island Board of Education position.

I’ve digitized every Board of Education Meeting that was held from 2001 up until May of this year for public broadcast… so trust me… I know what it takes to make a good Board of Education candidate.

Patrick Walsh would be a good change.

I believe that Watanabe has served his time and that change needs to happen.

Walsh is the guy to do this… I just wish he would think twice about the rag paper he occasionaly writes for.

2 Responses

  1. Damon,
    Thank you for your endorsement.

    I really hope that I am can make a difference in the seat on the BoE.

    It has gone way past the time for the Big Island to have a BoE member that reflects present day concerns of our public school students, parents teachers and school community.

    I wanted to share with you two interesting developments in my contest for BoE.

    The HSTA union only interviewed the incumbent and myself. I am not clear as to why they did not consider the other two challengers. After a two week delay it was decided that they would wait until after the primary to announce their endorsement . I questioned the HSTA and was told that they were in negotiations with the BoE and they didn’t want to further upset a “certain member”.

    While I am clearly on the outside of the old boy system, my message of “more resorces in the classroom” could not make more sense to the teachers union.

    In closing I want you to know that I have written eleven issue or platform papers in the course of the past 4 months of campaigning for the BoE seat.
    I email it to a list print and digital media outlets. Some choose to publish. I don’t write specifically for any one publication.

    I am glad we have several diverse view points. I suspect the authors of the the first amendment
    would have included all available outlets for their treatises.

    It seems to me that we have made it this far on our
    road from the cave to enlightenment because of our tolerance of opposing viewpoints.

    I really appreciate your time and space here.

    Keep up the great discussion.


    Patrick Walsh
    Candidate for Board of Education

  2. “copy that”

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