$.20 Cent Plastic Bag Fee to Go Before Voters…Not Here of Course

Here in Hawaii, we are constantly letting our politicians make our laws for us without much community input on things.

Recently, the council passed the Plastic Ban without much thinking about the actual law as it is wrote.

Technically, stores could sell Plastic Bags right at the counter for a penny and then allow the customer to use that bag as their own bag…

Well in Seattle, the people are getting a voice in this plastic bag issue.

“…Foes of a 20-cent bag fee for paper and plastic bags in Seattle have collected enough signatures to place the issue on the city ballot next year. That means the fee won’t take effect on Jan. 1….

…Seattle voters will likely get their say next August, unless the Seattle City Council sets an earlier vote…”

I always thought that if stores here in Hawaii started to charge say $1.00  per bag, that people would soon wake up and start bringing in their own bags soon enough.

Let the people decide.  I bet within three years this recent Hawaii County Ban gets looked at again or the law’s re-written.

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