Today’s KO… Well Sort Of

Ever since I moved from the Mainland I have been searching for a Dentist that uses Gas to help with people like me that have Dentistphobia.

Well, I’ve found one and today I had my teeth worked on with my “laughing gas” as I like to call it.

For some reason…the effect wasn’t the same as it was nearly 18 years ago…. and it didn’t make me laugh at all.  I nearly passed out from the gas and I felt like fainting even more when they showed me the bill and told me the Gas wasn’t part of my insurance.  $75.00 later plus tax out of pocket… I think I’m gonna try and rough it out next time.

Thank God I have a mother that understands the importance of having healthy teeth and she is helping me out with the part’s that aren’t covered by insurance.

I see so many people here in Hawaii with really messed up teeth and I know that these people probably wish that their teeth were in better shape…however, they just can’t afford it.

Heck… Even a dude from Puna was recently killed in Thailand because he traveled there to have dental work done.

Nearly 10 hours later… my mouth is still soar I have barely eaten anything today!

I need a damn McDonalds Milkshake…but the closest McD’s is nearly 20 minutes away:(

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  1. Damon, you should write more on dealing with the problems of moving to a rural living area, after living in the city. You have a way of describing things, even serious, with that quirky humour. My experiences with dentists have not been great, I know my recommendations are questionable, but Chris Igawa in Hilo, is good, he is young and up to date. 935-8909.

    Damon – Thanks for the compliment. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Dentist so much, that I won’t give out his name and number just because it’s hard enough to get an appointment as it is. He is much better then the three dentist’s I went through over on Oahu.

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