Hawaii Solar Power through Radio Waves *Edit* Microwave Project to be on Discovery Channel Tonight at 7 PM

I mentioned earlier today about the NASA Experiment.

Well it’s going to be featured tonight on the Discovery Channel Project Earth tonight at 7:00 PM Hawaii time.

…Former NASA executive and physicist John Mankins captured solar energy from a mountain top in Maui and beamed it 92 miles to the main island of Hawaii.

Tonight at 7 pm Discovery Channel will air an episode of Project Earth on the recent first-of-its-kind experiment. This long range demonstration of wireless power transmission was also a key step toward space-based solar power satellites. The team also beamed the power almost 100 times farther than NASA’s major 1970’s power transmission in the Mojave Desert in California.

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  1. A very interesting concept. Too bad the author of the article didn’t have a better grasp of our local geography. I mean, “in” Maui? County, perhaps. And “to the main island of Hawaii”? Is that Oahu or the Big Island? Those of us without cable or satellite TV will never know.

    Damon – I’ll write up a little something further after I’ve watched the show.
    Discovery Channel often shows their shows online after they have broadcast also.

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