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A Closer Examination of “Earth Light”

Ok… so I’m on a bit of a tangent right now about Highway Safety and Lights.

I don’t mean to pick apart anyone or anybody…. Especially really nice guys like Andrew Cooper who is providing us all with so much valuable information.

He recently posted this blog “The Use Of Outdoor Lighting” where he furthers his argument as to why Hawaii is the perfect place for astronomy and why residents of the Big Island should keep driving on unsafe roades… (Well… I’m stretching it there…and just poking fun at Andrew)

Anyrate… this picture posted on his recent blog:

Shows what the lights look at night.

I see bright lights and big city next to the Big Island over there on Oahu if you look real close.  Honolulu is fricking a bright blip on that screen…. yet Africa looks pretty desolate along the same latitude as Hawaii with much less bright blips on the screen.

Ok… I know… I’m setting myself up to just get blasted by the scientific community… but I want to know why studying stars and what not means more then public safety on these damn roads.

While Mauna Kea’s Elevation is a great thing…. you would think those bright Honolulu lights might be cumbersome?

I’m still so undecided about this whole TMT thing.  I see benefits and problems.

I’m not gonna expand on it to much.  I’m very mixed on a lot of things.

But if the scientist’s are going to throw this map at me and say that Mauna Kea is the darkest spot available for research of this kind… I say look at the map closely and think again.

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