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9/11 A Reflection

We all remember 9/11 in different ways.

For me, I remember it as an attempt to get my wife out of bed to watch the second tower falling down.  She kept telling me I was dreaming.

I don’t know why I was up that late that night…. but I certainly couldn’t get back to sleep.  It was a very creepy feeling in the morning driving towards my work site in Honolulu, as I lived closed to both the Airport and Pearl Harbor.

At the time, planes were still in the air and were being grounded.  I watched many planes land that morning thinking each one of them could just swerve right into Waikiki and take out a bunch of people.

Everyone at my work was gathered around TV’s and many of us were obviously very shaken by what was going on.  We didn’t know whether we should go home… continue working… etc… All we knew, was that America was under attack.

The people lost will never be forgotten.  The Twin Towers will always be an image that everyone will hold in their minds forever.

Three years later, I was booking a flight to go see UH play USC in Los Angeles.  I was looking for the cheapest flights to fly around a certain date…. go figure… flying on 9/11 was nearly $100.00 cheaper then the day before or day after.

One Response

  1. i will never forget that day and am reminded everytime i visit my parents graves, there are a three tombstones of americans that worked at the WTC that were murdered that day. I always leave flowers for them on 9/11.

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