Higa Steps Out, GMO Coffee-Taro Bill 361 Passes 8-0 at Council Meeting

The GMO Coffee/Taro Bill 361, that Councilman Pilago introduced, passed 8-0 at the council meeting today in Kona.

Higa stepped away from the meeting when the vote was being placed.  It would have passed no matter which way Higa would have voted.

You can view the bill here.

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  1. great news…
    Also today, I joined John Olsen (Puna CDP) in Hilo and Andrea Dean (Green Business consultant) in Kona (via video) to provide testimony to support Hawai`i County Resolution 731, introduced by Peter Hoffman,

    …encouraging the administration to research the application processto obtain funding for an energy worker-related training program as established through the Green Jobs Act of 2007.

    Peter Hoffman introduced the measure and is responsible for this important initial first step in learning how we can secure grants provided by the Act.

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