Enron and Hawaii: The Wind Farms that Never Were

I’m reading into the distribution of the Enron settlement and noticed:

…About 1.5 million individuals and entities will be eligible to share in the distribution under the settlement plan. The attorneys fees will go to San Diego-based Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP, the law firm representing the university.

Besides the University of California, other plaintiffs who will share in the proceeds include pension plans from New York City and Hawaii, various investment firms and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee…

So I don’t really know where this was taking me and it’s probably not at all related, but I did find it odd that Enron was attempting to build Wind Farms here in Hawaii:

…In early 2001, the Hawaii Electric Light Company signed an agreement to buy power from a wind farm on Upolu Point. Site Constructors, a Californian company, built the 3MW, $8 million wind farm.

Kahua Power Partners and Zond Pacific, Inc. were also behind a wind project planned for the Kahua Ranch site. Zond Pacific was a subsidiary of Enron Wind Turbines, and the project was delayed when Enron was bankrupted (Wind Energy assumed the assets of Zond Pacific). Each of the turbines was to generate 750kW. According to the contract between Zond and Hawaii Electric Light Company, the wind energy would cost the utility 5c/kWh. In December 2003, the project was terminated…

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